Is Las Vegas Gambling Aways Its Water Supply

H/t reader squodgy:

“Las Vegas now cleans its waste water & efflent for re-cycling back into Lake Mead to get more allowances to meet growing demand for fresh water.

London UK has been doing that for decades. They used to say “every glass of water you drink has passed through ten people……hmmm.

Nevertheless, Las Vegas will run out of water in 2021, five years on.

I wonder if the slimeball who owns the casinos has better contingency plans?”

When to Bet Against the House

Will the threat of water shortages be enough to convince Vegas to stop gambling on overdevelopment?

When writing about how Las Vegas is taking a huge risk with its water supply, it’s impossible to avoid clichéd gambling metaphors. So I’m going to get them all out of my system right now.

Here goes: They’re doubling down when they should be holding. They’re putting all their chips on aqua and praying that their luck holds. They’ve had way too much to drink, and it’s clouding their ability to calculate the odds and make smart bets.

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