Vienna, Austria: 20-Year-Old Iraqi Refugee Rapes 10-Year-Old Boy In Indoor Aquatic Centre

… because he did not have sex for 4 months.

… enjoys himself afterwards at the diving board as if nothing happened.

Theresienbad Wien
Theresienbad Wien

Original article in German:

Iraker (20) vergewaltigte 10-Jährigen in Wiener Hallenbad

Google translation:

Because he did not have sex for 4 months

Iraqis (20) raped 10-year-olds in Vienna indoor pool:

Epoch Times, Saturday, February 6, 2016 15:15

A 20-year-old Iraqi refugee assaulted in a Vienna indoor pool on a ten year old boy. After the fact, he amused himself, as if nothing had happened, the springboard. After the weeping boy had informed the lifeguard, the police was informed that arrested the perpetrators still in the bathroom.

The act took place on 2 December 2015 a Vienna indoor swimming pool in the district Meidling. The police were “out victim protection reasons” not yet gone public, explained the spokesman of the State Police, Thomas Keiblinger that delay.

According to police, there had been no intention of population to conceal the fact, in order not to heat up the atmosphere. There have also played a role that the Iraqis had only a few weeks in the country. We wanted to only consider whether the circumstances of the case justify a Publik-making.

Rape and sexual abuse of minors

Now the office is investigating the fugitive for rape and serious sexual abuse of minors, authorities spokeswoman Nina Bussek confirmed Friday as OE24 reported now.

Only now it became known that the boy suffered severe injuries from the rape. He had to be treated in the Children’s Hospital.

Missing criminal consciousness?

The child had met a 15-year-old boy in Theresienbad while romping around in the pool, in which was accompanied by the 20-year-old Iraqi.

The victim stated that it was packed to the hands of the Iraqis and urged in a toilet cubicle. Then he locked the door and went up to him. No one heard the cries of the child.

After the fact, the Iraqis went to make the three-meter board by a few jumps.

The crying boy confided in a lifeguard, who immediately informed the police, who arrested the Iraqis still on site.

indicated excess sexual energy and desires as basic

The refugees arrived on 13 September on the Balkan route to Austria.

For indeed remarked the accused as follows: I am “. Followed my desires I had not had sex in four months,” said the 20-year-old literally.

Before leaving for Europe he had last intercourse with a woman in Iraq. Those were not his wife, claiming it was “always sick” been since the birth of their daughter.

Once in Austria I “no longer stand it, not to have sex because I have a pronounced excess sexual energy,” said the police report on.

The interrogator asked him if unless not permitted in Iraq to have sex with ten year old boy, whereupon the refugee said, “Such a thing is in every country in the world banned,” said OE24 on.

He knew that he had “made a big mistake” and that he “had left a big scar in the boys,” said the Iraqis.

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  1. Of course in Germany the victim should be arrested and jailed.

    However the right answer is to round up a random million of them each time, then put them on buses to Turkey.


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