Turkey Wants Additional $2 Billion From EU for Migrant Crisis Management

Turkey Wants Additional $2Bln From EU for Migrant Crisis Management:

Ankara wants additional 2 billion euros ($2.16 billion at current exchange rates) from the European Union to tackle the migrant crisis, which will almost double the initially agreed sum, media reported on Saturday.

Cooperation of European leaders and Ankara to resolve the refugee crisis has been exposed to new challenges, as Turkey seems to have no limits, demanding more and more money from EU countries, German newspaper Welt wrote.

The Turkish government recently demanded from the EU additional financial assistance to resolve migration crisis, despite the fact that Brussels was ready to provide Ankara with the sum that had been agreed before, the article said.

“Ankara wants to get five billion dollars, but we are ready to provide only the promised three billion,” the newspaper quoted a senior EU diplomat as saying. Moreover, the Turkish Government must understand that Europe may agree on the gradual payment of the promised amount only if it will be able to carefully control the flow of funds received by Ankara, he added.

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