Is The Zika Virus A Smokescreen For Vaccine Induced Birth Defects?

Is the Zika virus a smokescreen for Vaccine induced birth defects?:

In the digital age of fast-travelling information, news simply flies. It is almost impossible to keep up with every little detail at once, which is why news needs constant updates to add unknown details which provide better perspective and context. These two characteristics are what ultimately provide readers a change to understand reality.

For the past six months, we have followed as many developments as possible about the scary Zika virus, which health authorities have identified as the culprit of a growing number of cases of microcephaly in South and Central America. In the last few weeks, people allegedly infected with Zika have appeared elsewhere.

As we reported yesterday, Brazil is one of the countries with the largest number of unborn and born children with smaller than normal heads, which causes them to die early or to develop physical problems later in life. After our reporting yesterday, two important details have come to our attention which we found necessary to share with readers.

The first new detail is that, as suspected, Zika virus was ‘collected’ by Rockefeller-funded scientists some 70 years ago. Those scientists conducted laboratory experiments with the virus, including injecting animals with it. In 1947, disease hunters from the Rockefeller Foundation were in Uganda, studying yellow fever, when they found Zika.

On April 18, 1947, one of the Asian Rhesus monkeys took ill with a previously unknown virus, which the researchers dubbed Zika. In a lab in Entebbe, the Rockefeller scientists injected the new virus into mice, which then developed the feverish illness, thereby proving the virus they had discovered was the cause of the disease.

It is not known whether the Rockefeller-backed researchers weaponized the virus or not, but it is well-known that the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are pioneers in conducting experiments with pathogens, viruses, bacteria, vaccines and, lately, genetically engineered organisms.

Both the Rockefeller and Ford foundations are behind what we know as modern medicine. They took over research organizations, university medical programs and private enterprises and for a long time have dictated what is taught and what is omitted in medical schools in the United States and many other places around the world.

The second detail that has come to our attention is perhaps the most important of the two. While most of the world follows the news about mosquitoes being responsible for infecting women and children with the Zika virus, there is one fact that has been left out.

Right around the same time when Zika seemed to enter the news cycle over six months ago, governments in Latin America, including Brazil, pushed strongly through nation-wide propaganda campaigns to request that all pregnant mothers injected a dose of the new Tetanus, Diptheria and Pertussis (TDaP) vaccine.

In the same way that the release of GM mosquitoes coincided with the appearance of thousands of cases of microcephaly in Latin America, so did the start of a massive vaccination campaign of pregnant women. This new development has been brought to light by journalist Jim Stone. “This shrunken brain problem directly coincides with the introduction of a new TDaP vaccine in Brazil, which was announced in December 2014 and went into use in 2015,” relates Stone.

According to him, the vaccine was adopted in a number of countries worldwide, which would explain the rapid spread of microcephaly cases not only in Latin America, but also in North America and Europe. This argument does not necessarily leave out the possibility that GM mosquitoes were released in all hot spots and that those mosquitoes could have began the transmission of a weaponized version of Zika virus, which is why we are keeping our eyes and ears open to more developments.

What has not changed since our last is both the culprits and the intention of the latest boogieman in the form of a serious disease whose aim seems to be to sicken or kill unborn babies.

Stone argues that the flow of mainstream media reports seems to have been planed ahead of time, as in predicting that the Zika virus would appear as the culprit of the microcephaly cases. “Additionally, and even more important is that some of the news releases related to this “disease” were originally dated weeks into the future, which means that someone is doing it and the media release was pre-planned,” says Stone.

“Something else is causing the brain destroyed babies, it is not any “zika disease”, something else is causing it and I guess they figured “zika” sounded spooky enough to blame it all on while they proceed to blow baby brains out with pre-natal pregnancy vaccinations. In many Latin American countries, women are strongly encouraged to get the Tdap vaccine no more than 22 weeks into a pregnancy,” concludes Stone in his report.

If Mr. Stone’s reporting turns out to be confirmed, and it will, with time, it would not be the first case of a psy-op being used to launch a grand propaganda campaign to distract the population while the real culprit of a disease is right in front of all, hiding in plane sight.

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