Migrant Crisis: Swedish Police Cover Up More Than 5000 Migrant Crimes In Just 4 Months Using A Secret Code


The Swedish police have concealed more than 5000 crimes in asylum centres in just four months by classifying them all as “Code 291”. The crimes included 559 registered assaults, 450 fights, 194 cases of violent threats, 58 fires, two bomb threats, nine robberies, four rapes, and 42 cases of mental illness, among others. They occurred in all parts of the country, and at all times of day. When asked why the Police had concealed the list from the public, a spokesman responded “there was nothing to disclose”.

Original article in Swedish:

Tusentals incidenter i polisens särskilda “flyktingkod”:

SVD AVSLÖJAR: Sedan oktober 2015 för polisen ett register över insatser vid bland annat flyktingboenden. Händelserna har rapporterats i en särskild kod, R291, som inte offentliggjorts.

SvD kan nu avslöja att den innehåller tusentals incidenter – allt från misshandel och bråk till självmordsförsök, psykisk sjukdom och bombhot.

Thousands of incidents of police special “flyktingkod”

SVD REVEALS: Since October 2015 police records of efforts at including refugee accommodations. The events have been reported in a special code, R291, not published.

SvD can now reveal that it contains thousands of incidents – ranging from beatings and fights to attempt suicide, mental illness and bomb threat.

The situation in Sweden thousands of asylum accommodation has been largely unknown to the public. One reason is that the National Operational Department, NOA, the police previously assessed that all information related to the flow of refugees to be secret.

The events have had a special so-called relationskod: 291, something that DN reported on earlier this year.

“Regarding an Asset 291 that has become known to the media. The code is used as working for the daily situation report. The daily situation report is classified why it says there shall not be disclosed /…/ Nothing should be out in the paper path in force Alma to the command as long as it lasts. “

So NOA wrote earlier in a document the newspaper noted. Each notification ‘, where the victim, the suspect or questioning a person migrants must be marked with the special code 291 “. The same shall apply to crimes or events that are linked to sites or properties on refugees.

More than that, did not know.

It was in October last year, when the flow of refugees to Sweden was very much that the police had many call-outs on the alarm about the violence, intimidation, arson and other crimes at different asylum accommodation. It was then that NOA introduced the special relationship the code for all cases “involving migrant situation”.

SvD can now reveal that under code 291 conceals the 5000 reported incidents.

In a nationwide list of code 291 that SvD have read, the image of a difficult and anxious situation for asylum seekers, police and staff at the refugee accommodation.

SvD has compiled information from the incidents collected during the police code 291. Photo: Anders Ahlgren, SvD

During the four months that case was listed in the code so it has been reported several kinds of crimes and incidents. Here we see many cases of violent crimes and threats; 450 reported brawl, 559 registered cases of assaults, nine robberies, 194 cases of assault and four rapes.

It also contains 37 cases of attempted suicide, 26 cases of disease, 42 cases registered as “mentally ill” and three deaths. The cases are spread throughout the country, all times of day and throughout the week.

Under code 291 includes two bomb threats, 58 fires, 239 cases of automatic alarm from the fire and 96 missing persons.

That the police are under heavy pressure is evident. In addition to the incidents already mentioned, there are also 161 police operations, 912 “security mission”, 109 cases of “investigation” and 869 controls of person or vehicle.

The information SvD taken note of saying nothing about the crimes passed to strength and there have been suspicious, it says nothing about who is behind any crimes or incidents. An official report will come out from the police on 19 February.

National Operational Department, Noah, of the operation “Alma” concerning everything from border control for law enforcement linked to the influx of refugees. All regions in the police is dedicating staff to work with “Alma”.

– These are more cases than the figures you have got out, I can tell. It is a huge challenge, there is a palpable situation Lodging. People are put together with other traumatized people. There is a precarious living, and a concern that is sent back, the slightest disruption in everyday life can trigger an event, says Thomas Wallberg, commanding director at Noah, to SvD.

And the situation is becoming increasingly serious.

– We were in the fall before the crowded places and people who are not feeling well. Now there is a greater propensity for serious violence, is a feeling we have. It is not a speculation, but it is not confirmed. There is still a logic in it will be like this.

How do you mean?

– The situation is increasingly squeezed, the conflicts become more obvious when you are together for a long time. I can not say other than this is a great challenge.

How do you see the information in the code 291 would not be released to the public?

– It is sad that it has become so, certainly we can develop our ability to communicate. We are very positive to have dialogue with the media. But that it not be left out is something that exists in the Administrative, the document is simply not. Thus, there is nothing to disclose. In dialogue with you, we have been open, so it’s unfortunate that it called for a darkening, says Thomas Wallberg.

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