Germany: SWAT Teams Bust Migrant Arm Smugglers

I’ve told you before that the German police has found containers full of weapons.

SEK vereitelt geheime Waffenübergabe

Original article in German:

SEK vereitelt geheime Waffenübergabe:

Großeinsatz in Bümmerstede erfolgte zeitgleich mit Aktionen in Rastede und Bremen

Zur Mittagszeit erfolgte der Zugriff: Dem Landeskriminalamt (LKA) Niedersachsen ist möglicherweise parallel in Oldenburg, Rastede und Bremen ein Schlag gegen den internationalen Waffenhandel gelungen.

Handel im „großen Stil“

Während in Rastede und Bremen polizeiliche Spezialkräfte der BFE (Beweissicherungs- und Festnahmeeinheit) Privatgebäude durchsuchten, konnte das Sondereinsatzkommando (SEK) zeitgleich in Oldenburg wohl eine Waffenübergabe vereiteln und zwei Tatverdächtige festnehmen, wie zu hören ist. Sie sollen aus dem Krisengebiet im Nahen Osten stammen.

Google translation:

– SEK thwarted secret weapons handover:

Large-scale operation in Bümmerstede coincided with actions in Rastede and Bremen

Two suspects were apparently men arrested during the action. The prosecution wants to agree on Friday.

Oldenburg – Took place at lunchtime access: The State Criminal Police Office (LKA) of Lower Saxony may be parallel in Oldenburg, Rastede and Bremen managed a blow to the international arms trade.

Trade in “grand style”

While police in Rastede and Bremen Special Forces of BFE searched (arrest unit) private buildings, the Special Operations Command (was SEK) at the same time probably frustrate in Oldenburg a weapons handover and two suspects arrested, as can be heard. They should come from the war zone in the Middle East.

On the afternoon was sought, inter alia, with sniffer dogs for further proof materials locally. The in this case, lead prosecutor Osnabrück initiated the use of the center of gravity prosecutor for cybercrime – – has announced for this Friday an opinion on the use and the results of the raid.

On Thursday should weapons be handed over “on a grand scale”, so the starting position. Who are the actual backers and what the weapons should be used, but is so far unknown. A connection with the currently performed in Oldenburg investigations against former RAF terrorists (NWZ reported) But also Rocker crime or other terrorist background are, however, excluded, the Osnabrück Public Prosecutor Dr. Alexander Retemeyer.

In the Heinrich Strack Road in south Oldenburg the excitement was still immense, as lunchtime pulled several police cars with masked and heavily armed officers. While the SEC could storm a family home in Oldenburg and interfere with the weapons handover, the situation in Rastede-Wahnbek (Müritz road) far from the Oldenburger city limits was another: Here is told among neighbors that wanted residents “be stripped of Rain” the day before to , According quickly the raid was over there.

Frightened residents

In Oldenburg, however pedestrians and road users were strictly controlled by the officials still in the late afternoon and in the wider environment of the installation site. Residents showed in the face of massive levy on hooded and armed police terrified: “You know what I mean otherwise only from the television,” said a woman, “because you feel really uncomfortable.”

The respective police stations in Oldenburg Rastede and were not informed about the use. The posting of SEK defeated highest secrecy level. Whether and which weapons were seized, was not disclosed.

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