MIGRANT CRISIS LIVE WIRE – Rolling Coverage Of Europe’s Migrant Crisis

***MIGRANT CRISIS LIVE WIRE*** – Rolling Coverage Of Europe’s Migrant Crisis:

MIGRANT CRISIS LIVE WIRE – This page will host all the relevant information from Europe’s unfolding migrant crisis. You can follow all the latest updates below.

This page is edited by Breitbart London’s Raheem Kassam, Chris Tomlinson, Oliver Lane and Donna Rachel Edmunds. Newest updates will appear at the top of the page.

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30/01/2016 – HAMBURG, Germany – Thieves rob phone shop

Three people have robbed a mobile phone shop, having taken the day’s takings from the till. The fugitives are described as “Southerners” – a word commonly used to describe North African migrants in Germany. They reportedly spoke “broken German”.

30/01/2016 – MANNHEIM, Germany – Masked PKK Supporters protest

Around 80 masked men showing sympathy towards the terrorist organisation the PKK gathered in Mannheim on Saturday evening. The group were drawing attention to the ongoing Turkish-Kurdish sectarian warfare. Police report they fired firecrackers in the city centre. One police vehicle was damaged and two men were “briefly” taken into custody.

30/01/2016  IPSWICH, England – Romanian career criminal jailed

A Romanian career criminal has been handed a two year jail sentance for two burglaries he committed just weeks after arriving in the UK, the Express has reported. Despite having a criminal record in his native country for a series of similar crimes, the British authorities were completely unaware of his criminal past until his arrest in Suffolk, thanks to EU laws on free movement.

30/01/2016  MANCHESTER, England – Somalis jailed for gang rape

Three Somali men who gang raped a 16 year old British girl while celebrating Eid have been handed jail terms of between nine and twelve years by a judge at Manchester Crown Court. The court played host to extraordinary scenes as around 60 Mancunian Somalis turned out in support of the gang, insisting they had been victimised because of their race. READ MORE HERE.

30/01/2016  SWEDEN – Police Cover Up Migrant Crime with Secret Code

The Swedish police have concealed more than 5000 crimes in asylum centres in just four months by classifying them all as “Code 291”. The crimes included 559 registered assaults, 450 fights, 194 cases of violent threats, 58 fires, two bomb threats, nine robberies, four rapes, and 42 cases of mental illness, among others. They occurred in all parts of the country, and at all times of day. When asked why the Police had concealed the list from the public, a spokesman responded “there was nothing to disclose”.

30/01/2016  STOCKHOLM, Sweden  Masked Men Attacking Migrants Arrested

Riot police were called to central Stockholm on Friday night following a tip off that vigilante groups were heading there to “clean up”, according to Swedish news. Earlier in the day, leaflets were handed out by men wearing black clothing, masks and an armband, calling on people to gather in the centre to launch a violent attack on the “North African street children ranging around”. The leaflets were headed “Enough Now!” Five men have been taken into custody following brawls with migrants in various locations in central Stockholm; one man has been charged with assaulting a police officer after he punched one in the face.

30/01/2016  CSONGRAD COUNTY, Hungary  Suspected Smuggler Crashes on M5

An alleged human trafficker has crashed on the M5 Motorway heading towards Budapest. According to local reports, the man was transporting four Algerians, a Somali and an Iraqi to Vienna when he his car hit another and both slid into the ditch. Eight people were injured in the crash, including the driver who attempted to flee the scene but was apprehended by police. He has now been taken into custody and will face charges.

30/01/2016  MANNHEIM, Germany  AfD Leader Calls for Armed Defence of Borders

Frauke Petry, the leader of Germany’s Alternative for Germany party (AfD) has called on the government to defend the country’s borders with lethal force, if necessary. In an interview with local news she said that border patrols “must prevent illegal crossings of the border, if necessary, with the use of firearms,” adding “It says so in the law.”

She clarified “No policeman wants to shoot at a migrant. I do not want that either. But ‘the last resort’ includes the use of armed force.”

29/01/2016  UK/SWEDEN  Daily Mail Blocks News In Sweden

An article on website of the Daily Mail newspaper (Mail Online) is being blocked in Sweden after the news outlet cast doubts on the age of the alleged migrant attacker currently on trial in the country following the stabbing of a 22-year-old asylum centre worker. READ MORE HERE.

 29/01/2016  LEHRTE, Germany  Police hunt for sex attacker

A young woman was attacked by two men at the weekend who held her at knife-point and ordered her to “spread your legs”, but fled when a light came on in a nearby house.

The description given by police of one of the attackers identifies him as “speaking German with an accent”, one of many euphemisms used by the German media to describe foreigners. The second attacker was described merely as “pudgy”, reports Hannoveriche Allgemeine.

29/01/2016  DORTMUND, Germany  Police raid migrant centre

German police raided a migrant reception centre this month and catalogued the identities of 46 male migrants who were otherwise off the books, taking fingerprints and data. The information collected will be shared with other European police forces to see if they are wanted for crimes elsewhere.

The Dortmund force said in a statement they also hoped the migrants knowing their fingerprints were on record would also deter future crimes.

29/01/2016  DORTMUND, Germany  Six months for repeat offender

A committed migrant thief has been jailed for six months without probation. His last theft was a pair of socks worth just €2.99 and he had no former criminal record, but the man was routinely being picked up by the police. He is on his third asylum application, having been rejected twice since he arrived in Germany in 2012 reports Bild.

The judge said: “You came as a refugee, but it is not certain whether you are really… you have taken advantage of our system and our humanitarian responsibility to a staggering extent. You are dragging down the Republic, and committing crimes”.

29/01/2016  MUNICH, Germany  Fake refugee caught

A Pakistani man who had already lived for ten years in Spain applied for asylum in Germany under a fake name. He was caught by police after his documents and bank cards were found not to match and the ruse was unveiled. He was required to leave a cash deposit of €200 with police before being released from custody, reports Wochenblatt.

29/01/2016  DORTMUND, Germany  Migrant thieves warning

Local police have warned travellers on the Hamm-Dortmund-Dusseldorf railway to watch out for a gang of three pick-pockets who run scams to steal purses and wallets.

The Moroccan and Algerian men, aged 19-27 years old had already been arrested but were released. A police spokesman said: “One can assume that they are going back on tour to prey on the trains”, reports Rheinische Post.

29/01/2016  HEIDELBERG, Germany  Police hunt for sex attacker

A “possibly North African origin” man is being sought by Heidelberg police as he is “strongly suspected” for sex offences.

The alleged attack took place in the early hours of Sunday morning when the man “loudly made himself felt”, repeatedly pinching and grabbing the bottoms of 18 and 19 year old women. Security threw the man from the premises but police were unable to immediately find him in the area after a manhunt.

29/01/2016  SITTENSEN, Germany  Refugee ‘riot’ at benefit office

Police were called to a civil office after a 22 year old Sudanese asylum seeker expressed his dissatisfaction with his weekly benefits cheque given to him by the state. The violent man was taken into police custody to sober up but attacked two officers, and abused and insulted them in English while they performed their duties.

mugshot NORTHEIM29/01/2016  ESSEN, Germany  Police hunt bag thieves

A German woman awoke after sleeping on a long distance train to find her bag, and with it her purse had been stolen. Police released several mugshots of the Middle Eastern-appearance men after they used the victim’s credit card and racked up €800 worth of bills.

29/01/2016  UDDEVALLA, Sweden  Jailed for life for executing migrant thieves

Two Lebanese-Swedish brothers have been sentenced to life imprisonment today for hunting down and killing a gang of men they claim robbed their father. Mark and Martin Saliba, Syrian Christians of Lebanese heritage were convicted of acquiring a gun and killing 21 year old Jordanian Alaa Farraj, and 22 year old Iraqi Rawand Aziz, execution-style.

An 18 year old Swedish native girlfriend of the pair was also executed with a single bullet to the head by the brothers, one of whom is now on the run and has been sentenced in his absence, reports Aftonbladet.

29/01/2016  WIESBADEN, Germany  Young woman sexually assaulted

Police have reported arresting a 28-year-old Moroccan migrant early Thursday morning. The asylum seeker is strongly suspected to have sexually assaulted a 20 year old woman. The victim had been waiting at the main train station at around 11:45pm, along with a 19-year-old girl friend when the migrant pursued her and sexually assaulted her.

29/01/2016  MOLNDAL, Sweden  Doubt over identity of migrant ‘youth’ killer

The true identity and real age of the Somali “unaccompanied youth” who stabbed an asylum centre worker to death in Sweden last week is in doubt after it was revealed authorities were merely going on his word.

In a statement given outside the court, Prosecutor Linda Viking said: “The suspect has said he is 15 so that is what is charged as. But we are checking his date or birth and name to make sure they are accurate”. Read more at Breitbart London.

29/01/2016  BAD SEGEBERG, Germany  Police search for migrant molesters

Police are looking for two men of “Arab origin” between the age of 20-25 after a 75 year old woman was sexually molested in a local park. The woman was walking by herself at around 10:45pm when two men approached her from behind. One of the men struck a blow which knocked the victim down and the other sexually assaulted her. The victim was able to defend herself and one of the men was wounded in the face before they fled, said the force.

29/01/2016  VIENNA, Austria  Teen migrant sentenced for granny anal rape

An 18 year old Afghan migrant has been jailed for 20 months for “massive violence” toward a 72 year old woman he raped anally after meeting her by a river side last year reports Kronen Zeitung. Although his behaviour was initially described as “quite nice” toward the woman, he later took advantage of her from behind. The man was convicted using DNA evidence.

29/01/2016  MUNICH, Germany  €575,000 to ‘disinfect’ gym used by migrants

A Munich gymnasium was used for just two months to temporarily house migrants but now requires significant work to repair damage before it can be used as a gym again. At least €400,000 will need to be spent on totally replacing the floor, while the rest will go to repairing the damaged bathrooms, the drains that were used as open sewers, and germicidal gassing the property to kill bacteria, reports Süddeutsche Zeitung.

29/01/2016  RUDOLSTADT, Germany  Police called to ‘calm’ situation at benefits office

Ten police vehicles and attendant officers were deployed to a Federal migrant support office yesterday after individuals waiting to collect their cash benefits started fighting, reports Ostthüringer Zeitung. Around 150 refugees from nearby camps were in the building when police arrived. One Syrian and five Afghans were arrested for assault.

29/01/2016  VILLINGEN-SCHWENNINGEN, Germany  ‘Grenade’ found at migrant centre

Specialist police have detonated an “explosive device” discovered at a migrant receiving centre in southern Germany this morning. Details over the alleged attack are unclear, with police refusing to confirm whether the device was a viable grenade, and there being no witnesses of it having been thrown over the fence.

Police say there is no clear motive for the attack, but German mainstream media have bundled the alleged attack in with coverage of right-wing groups attacking migrant centres in 2015. Read more at Breitbart London.

26/01/2016  WILHELMSHAVEN, Germany  Girls Molested

Two eleven year old girls were sexually molested in Wilhelmshaven, Germany on Saturday. The girls were groped by “several men” in “intimate places” while in the swimming pool, according to local reports. The girls later reported the abuse to their mother, who contacted the police. Social media sources have suggested that the men were migrants, but local police have refused to confirm. They are studying CCTV footage as part of their inquiries.

28/01/2016 – NEUMUNSTER, Germany – Pensioner Beaten

Police announced a robbery from January 19th, where a woman was grabbed by the hair by one assailant, while a second held her by the neck. There was one more attacker, according to the alleged victim. The pair demanded her money and her mobile phone and snatched her handbag. Two teenagers intervened to help the woman, and the attackers fled.

The perpetrators, according to the police report, were around 20 years old, around 1.65-1.7m tall, all of them described as “southerners/North Africans”.

27/01/2016 – MUNICH, Germany – Pensioner Beaten

A 58-year-old man was beaten by four Pakistani men, according to local reports. Three of the men are now in police custody. The victim, known as Zivan O, said he was walking down the street on Saturday when he was set up and beaten.

“They surrounded him, held him, and pushed him so he fell to the ground,” said his daughter Sanja. Zivan said that the men were intoxicated with alcohol. The man has a wound behind his ear, and his daughter reports: “My father liked to talk and joke a lot. But now he is introverted”.

28/01/2016 – DUSSELDORF, Germany – Sexual assault

Two “refugees” in an asylum centre have been taken into police custody after the reported sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl. The two “unaccompanied young refugees” are believed to be ages 15 and 17. The two suspects are suspected to have forced themselves upon the victim on 24 January 2016.

A six year old boy is believed to have been threatened after witnessing the incident, with one of the alleged attackers threatening to “cut his throat” if he reported the incident.

26/01/2016 – HAMBURG, Germany – Attempted robbery, stabbing

Police report a 24-year-old man out walking with his 3-month-old baby was attacked by two unknown assailants who reportedly “spoke a language unknown” to the victim. The baby, who was being carried in a sling across the man’s chest, had to be resuscitated on the spot before being admitted to intensive care in hospital.

The attackers apparently demanded  money and the victim’s phone. One of the attackers reportedly understood no German at all, and it is believed that one of the pair carried a knife. The man is said to have no life threatening injuries, but does have stab wounds.

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