Migrant Crisis: How Migrants Abuse Women & Children For Their Agenda – How The Presstitute Photos Going Around The World Came Into Being (Video)

Who in their right mind would want to let these violent bastards into their country???



When illegal intruders attacked the Hungarian border and policemans, the police used tear gas. After this event, photographers made some photos from two girl who probably breathed the gas. A bunch of people stood around the two girls (activists, photographers and two migrants). In a moment (4:01) perceptible, as one of the girl (blue backpack) trying to go from there, but a person pull back her to take photos. After these moments, the two sadist intruders (parents of girls ?!), dragged back the girls to the front (5:41), and provocate policemans to use tear gas again. The girls sobbed and tried to resist, but the sadistic migrants didn’t care. The activists and photographers didn’t mind it too, just watched, as intruders forcing the girls to the front.

Migrants push their children to the police cordon…. The “parents” leave the kids after the border, if they alredy don’t need… migrants treat the child as a package….. Many people think, these are not parents, just use the children as tool.

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