Migrant Crisis: Calais Trucker Robbed At KNIFE POINT By Migrant Thieves

Calais Trucker Robbed At KNIFE POINT by Migrant Thieves:

A Lithuanian haulier has been robbed at knife point by three migrants in Calais. The driver suffered cuts to his hands and was taken to hospital for treatment; the migrants have not yet been apprehended.

The driver was attacked on Monday morning, shortly after arriving at a local garage to change a tyre on his truck. His three assailants sprayed him repeatedly with tear gas before attacking him with the knife and making off with his wallet and mobile phone.

They were described by both the driver and a witness at the scene as “migrants”, Nord Littoral has reported.

The victim was then taken to hospital, where he underwent an operation for knife wounds on his hand. He has expressed a wish to press charges against his attackers, but so far their identities are unknown. Police are investigating CCTV footage of the incident in a bid to track them down.

David Sagnard, president of the National Federation of Road Transport for the Pas-de-Calais commented: “The manager of the workshop called me at 2pm to inform me of the attack.

“Extra security lighting will be installed at the site, and doors will be changed to increase security. Once again we are heavily investing to ensure the safety of employees and customers.”

He added that, unfortunately, this is far from being the first incident of its kind in the area. “What worries me is that we will see retaliations. I’m afraid that one day, one of them [the drivers] will hit back.”

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