2016 Economic Predictions: Year of the Epocalypse

H/t reader squodgy:

“Funny how the FTSE & DJ both fell 2.5% yesterday and the MSM said nothing.

So when someone takes the trouble to grab the bugger by the horns & analyse each major sector, it is interesting to see the results, and work out if they match one’s own assessment, and give any more pointers on how it will manifest for us in the middle.”


2016 Economic Predictions: Year of the Epocalypse:

An economic apocalypse upon us. My 2016 economic predictions provide the full explanation as to why 2016 will be the year of the Epocalypse — a word that encompasses the roots “economic, epoch, collapse” and “apocalypse.” I needed a word big enough to describe all that is about to befall the world in 2016. When you see the towering forces that are prevailing against failing global economic architecture and the pit of debt beneath that structure, as laid out here, I think you’ll recognize that the Epocalypse is here, and it is everywhere. The Great Collapse has already begun.

What follows are the megatrends that will increasingly gang up in the first part of 2016 to stomp the deeply flawed global economy down into its own hole of debt. The economic collapse that is already developing includes the US economy and the US stock market that is now collapsing from the external forces and internal vacuum that I’ve been writing about for a few years here.

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