North Korea HYDROGEN BOMB Blast Creates Man Made M5.2 Earthquake (Video)

January 5-6, 2016 . North Korea has detonated a hydrogen bomb underground in the Eastern portion of the country, which simultaneously caused a large man made M5.2 earthquake across the region.

Here is the seismic wave signature per the IRIS system:…

It is currently January 6th already in Asia where this occurred.

1/6/16 or 6/1/16…. too weird of a date for N. Korea to choose wouldn’t you say?

Of course that date was picked by North Korea to be a backwards upsidedown 911 of sorts. Of all the days to choose to do your Hydrogen bomb nuclear “test”… this cannot be an accidental date choice.

I don’t have to tell anyone that this man made earthquake is not a good development for multiple reasons.

With the other seismic activity building in the region around Japan to the East, and India to the South (India just hit by a near M7.0 one day ago)… this large man made seismic event caused by the underground hydrogen bomb test is sheer foolishness when it comes to playing around with the seismic safety of the whole West Pacific.

We should see seismic results from this underground blast for weeks to come (if the story of a hydrogen blast is true). Even if it was conventional explosives, we would expect to see aftershocks.

This is only a recent development, thus time will tell the full tale on the ramifications of this underground detonation.

Be on watch for larger earthquake activity globally due to the concentrated electron cascade , plasma energy, and electrical discharge which goes to the Earth’s core following these underground detonations.

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