3 thoughts on “Misery in Missouri: Flood scenes resemble ‘some other planet’

  1. This is where I live and man is it a mess. When people were moving out it looked like when people were leaving town in Independence Day movie. Many did not have anyone to help them get there things out. Very sad. Now that the water has receded peoples things are everywhere. 6 to 8 inches of mud in all the houses. Some will come back, many will not. People are trying to be helpful but it is just so much of a mess. Many of these people did not think this could ever happen. It is the worst flood for this area on record.

    • To John,

      Very sad to hear that.

      Don’t know what to say.

      How badly are you affected?

      Hope you will be able to sort things out.

      All the best for you.

      Take care.

  2. Thank You for your wishes. Now the cold has come and sub freezing temps. Clean up has stopped in most places because of the cold. Roads are all open and stores are restocked. Water is being trucked in, but many business have not opened yet because no clean running water. I had family with water around there house but they stayed dry. We are one of the lucky ones, and we were prepared. We have water and food ready to go. We were land locked for 3 days but all is open now. Big chain stores put many extra johnny on the spot toilets in front of there stores to give aid and handed out water.

    Timing of this storm and the strength is a bit odd. I saw that we are to have unseasonably cold and wet for the rest of winter, strongest El Nino in 18 years If I remember correctly.

    People need to be ready where ever they live because you never know what or when something is going happen. Most of the people here were caught off guard. Your site has been helpful for our family on many levels, thank you for your help.

    ps. My Indian Gooseberrys should be here today, I’m looking forward to trying them. Terrasoul Superfoods Amla Berry Powder

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