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Thank you for your support in 2015!

This website really needs your support in 2016.

It has been created in 2008 because I’ve been asked to share with the world what I know (especially about the ‘conspiracy fact’, economics and health department).

I’ve decided to keep the site free from annoying advertisements for many reasons.

Most alternative news websites bombard their readers with advertisements in order to survive & create some income.

You will not find many alternative news websites that are ad-free on the web.

I also do not want to close the site to non-donors, nor do I want to wall-off parts of the site for subscriptions.

My intention is to keep this site open in the future.

I do what I can to keep you and your family informed and hopefully we all make it through these challenging times that lie ahead.

Please support me in my efforts in 2016 and beyond.

* * *

Donations in December:  $100, £25

* * *

Donations in November: $181

Donations in October: $150

Donations in September: $15, £15

Donations in August: $60, £15

Donations In July: $50

Donations in June: $80

Donations in May: $65

Donations in April: €10

Donations in March: $15, €10

Donations in February: €10

Donations in January: $175, €10

* * *

Donations in 2015: $891, €40, £55


1 thought on “Support For Infinite Unknown – Donations In December”

  1. Your efforts to keep the site tidy & organised, with good historical links and cross references is much appreciated.

    We all need the truth, coz conspiracy theorists are really just simple minded truth-seekers who feel uneasy with the official line. It just don’t add up.

    Happy New Year to you and all your family & readers.


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