The Bush-Obama U.S. Dark Age (Video)

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1 thought on “The Bush-Obama U.S. Dark Age (Video)”

  1. This is awful.

    De-industrialisation-Loss of jobs-loss of skills-Loss of savings-Loss of self worth.

    The resultant slide towards self harm by alcohol, drugs & suicide is an obvious societal and sociological follow on.

    The Sociologists, revered and respected during the 60’s 70’s & 80’s have been conspicuously silent since then.

    The same applies in UK. Other countries like The Netherlands, Germany, Italy & France, nurtured their Industrial Heritage by subsidising elements of their manufacturing base during times of cyclical recess.

    Thatcher surrounded herself with greedy jews and paedophiles who systematically helped her destroy the UK manufacturing base and strip it of its skills and National Assets, at a time when it needed support and re-structure.

    Now the UK and USA rely on technology, capital goods and all consumer products from abroad when forty years ago it was totally self sufficient.

    As always, where death and destruction are concerned, the jews are right there in the middle.


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