Turkey: ISIS’ Home Base

Turkey: ISIS’ Home Base:

by Stephen Lendman
Turkey’s Erdogan is directly involved in letting ISIS fighters move freely cross-border to and from Syria and Iraq.
He provides training, weapons and Turkish territory as a jumping off point to wage war against both neighboring countries – complicit with Washington, other key NATO partners, Israel and rogue Arab states.
He assures they’re well financed by buying their stolen oil for black market resale, mainly to Israel. He’s involved in their illicit trafficking in drugs, antiquities and human beings, held for ransom or sold as slaves.
Wiretapped evidence shows direct communications between Turkish military officials and ISIS along the Syrian and Iraqi borders. An investigation by Ankara’s chief prosecutor’s office into missing Turkish citizens believed to have joined ISIS revealed it.
A report by the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet discussed it. Information Anakara prosecutors discovered was given to the military prosecutor’s office last March – where it was apparently buried and ignore.
Separately, Turkey’s Today’s Zaman said ISIS recruits in Ankara “often used (the) Elbeyli district as a throughway by traveling via Gaziantep and Kilis to the village of Able, which is subordinated to Syria’s Al-Bab district.”
Turkey is the key transit hub, permitting ISIS fighters to enter Syria and Iraq to wage war as imperial foot soldiers against their governments.
Nothing of significance goes on in Turkey without Erdogan’s full knowledge, involvement and approval, profiting hugely from partnering with Washington’s imperial enterprise – his efforts at coverup unravelling, exposing him as a major international criminal.
RT International interviewed Karim al-Nouri, spokesman for the Popular Front’s Badr Organization, a prominent Iraqi Shiite militia group.
His forces obtained clear evidence from prisoners and bodies of dead ISIS terrorists, showing they’re able to move freely back-and-forth cross-border and back to Syria and Iraq.
“Recently we found a few of their phones which have messages of their orders, coordinates and data on movement of their people,” Nouri explained.
“The problem of ISIL did not just appear out of the blue. Somebody is allowing them to freely cross borders.” He stressed how extensively Turkish authorities support their fighters. Perhaps Nouri is unaware of complicity with Washington.
Erdogan’s son is involved in their illicit activities. “We have photo material and comments (proving) he meets with ISIS heads,” said Nouri.
“There is nothing fabricated in this case. There is no photoshop. These shots are real. They were made public by ISIS commanders themselves.”
Iraqi intelligence is analyzing the information, aiming to determine the “degree of participation of the Turkish secret services and their involvement in ISIS affairs.”
“We have documents that prove that the largest logistical support and supply routes are supplied by the Turks” – including letting ISIS use their territory as a home base.
Erdogan long coveted annexing Aleppo and other northern Syrian areas, as well as bordering Iraqi territory – the latter objective to seize and control valued Mosul area oil fields.
Russia’s effective anti-terrorism intervention foiled his objective in Syria. Turkish forces operate illegally in northern Iraq, ignoring Baghdad’s demand they leave.
They remain, regrouped instead in areas around ISIS-controlled Mosul, according to Iraq’s Defense Ministry.
Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu lied, claiming they’re deployed to fight ISIS and will remain until Mosul is liberated. Earlier lies were about training Iraqi forces.
Nouri wants information obtained by the Popular Front’s Badr Organization revealed widely disseminated – to show “the magnitude of the threat the Turkish regime poses to the region and to the entire world,” he stressed.
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