3 thoughts on “Gerald Celente: 2016 Predictions, Gold, Silver War And Collapse (Video)”

  1. Since I saw this Greg Hunter lash out relentlessly at Catherine Austin Fitts for her daring to criticize the Israeli government even a little bit, I shun any interview where this guy is visible or audible.

  2. Dear I.U.,

    Here is the link:


    The part about Israel and Iran starts around : 12:50

    An interesting part about ‘Who is in control?’ starts at 25:10

    I still think you should make yourself known to your readers and gather support around you for your points of view that can be benificial to all of us. After all what is a life worth if you keep yourself in hiding and you are not able to express your views publicly, because you fear for your security, as you stated earlier.

    This must be the biggest contradiction about InfiniteUnknown: The owner keeps his anomimity in order to feel more secure, but the title quote of his site is: ‘The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either. – Benjamin Franklin’. Or maybe it is not about security and only about lack of self-confidence, the latter of which you certainly don’t need to have.

    With kind regards,


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