This is the first donation in December.


 I hope that there are some more donations coming.


PayPal notified me that … “You Have a Pending Donation”, PayPal payment not completed yet”

PayPal further states that … “… has initiated a donation to you. The payment is currently being processed and shown as “Pending” in your PayPal account. This indicates that the amount has not yet been credited to your PayPal account.”


Thirty-first donation in 2015.

Infinite Unknown reader S. M. donated £25.

Thank you so much for your continuing support!

* * *

Donations in December:  £25

Donations in November: $181

Donations in October: $150

Donations in September: $15, £15

Donations in August: $60, £15

Donations In July: $50

Donations in June: $80

Donations in May: $65

Donations in April: €10

Donations in March: $15, €10

Donations in February: €10

Donations in January: $175, €10

* * *

Donations in 2015: $791, €40, £55

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