Iran: Snow and blizzard in many cities

Iran – Snow and blizzard in many cities:

“The BBC knows about the snowstorm in Tehran,” says reader Argiris Diamantis. “They reported this news on Persian BBC, as you can see for yourselves. But now look at British BBC. Suddenly this is no longer news.”

“People in Europe and America are not supposed to know this. The BBC has been subjected to the Green Media Training, on expense of the British taxpayeres. During the Paris climate summit no news items about snowstorms are to be published. They know the world is cooling but they are not giving you that information.”

Snow and blizzards and a sharp drop in temperatures in the last two days lead in some parts of transportation problems and in some cases electricity and gas have been cut.

Nasser Chrkhsaz, vice president of the Red Crescent Iranian Students News Agency, said that the snowstorm affected 20 provinces.

Schools in some provinces in Iran, including Tehran, Tehran, Alborz, Qom, Kurdistan and Azerbaijan were closed Monday.

Snow days also resulted in the cancellation or delay some flights from the airport in Tehran is high.

Snow in a number of regions in Iran continues.
Heavy snowfall overnight in Tehran citizens have created problems in traffic.

Hshdarsry Mehr, Director of Forecasting of the Iran Meteorological Organization, “said Fereydoun city of Isfahan and Kermanshah city with the lowest temperature of 17 degrees below zero with a temperature of 8 degrees below zero, the coldest capital in the last 24 hours were. ”

And here is the same news on Persian BBC. Azar 16, 1394 is today, December 7, 2015 on the Iranian calendar.

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