Australia: Coldest December Day In Perth Since Records Began

Coldest Dec day in Perth in 50 years:

8 Dec 2015 – At Pearce it was the coldest December day since records began.

The temperature dipped to around 7C in the Perth Area this morning … and it is summer now in Perth!

“It’s a cold cold snap,” says reader H.B. Schmidt. “Ben McBurney over at WeatherZone says it was the coldest December day in 50 years for Perth, and at Pearce it was the coldest December day since records began 38 years ago.

The coldest temperature recorded in Western Australia today by the Bureau of Meteorology was 5.6C at Newdegate Research Station

By comparison, at around 5 AM today London had a temperature of 12C, Shanghai was at 5C, Dublin was at 10C, Tokyo was 8C and at around 5 AM yesterday,Vancouver, Canada was at 9C.  Moscow was at 5C and Oslo was at 5C.

And all of these places are in the Northern Hemisphere and are experiencing winter now!

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