Powerful Blizzard Rages In Russia (Video)


Powerful blizzard rages in Russia – Video:

Whoa! This video reminds me why global warming is GOOD! Visibility near zero. More than 300 cars rescued from “snow captivity.”

In the Khabarovsk region continues to rage snow cyclone.

All services Khabarovsk work around the clock.

The powerful blizzard, with storm gusts up to 25 meters per second, has dumped a month’s worth of precipitation per day.

The city of Khabarovsk has declared a state of emergency according to the “TV Center”.

Khabarovsk i a city of just over a half million near the Chinese border.


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  1. In my humble opinion, the moisture carrying jetstream which should currently be passing over Spain, Southern France & Italy at this time, is being diverted by a geo-engineered cyclonic block, just off Portugal.
    This has been in place & re-generated weekly, for 7 weeks. I have monitored it.

    The effects of this are total lack of sunshine, excessive rainfall, high winds, and where the jetsream meets the Polar Vortex….guess what happens???

    Yes…SNUR, as they say in Newcastle.

    Watch the time lapse and see it being re-generated.



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