Jim Stone: Turkish reader sent the real history of what is happening in Turkey now

Source: Jim Stone

Turkish reader sent the real history of what is happening in Turkey now

This is what is perceived/known by someone on the ground in Turkey. English is one of the primary languages in Turkey, which explains why this is so well written

Jim. Took your advice and moved to a public facility. I don’t live close to a town so this one is an irregular opportunity. I may miss some developments going forwards, but will do my best to stay on top of it.

“So a crisis between the military and the government must be provoked… which has to cause the military leaders to be arrested for ‘treason'”

Boom. This one is unfolding live time. The western media has picked it up… but as usual not in correct form. ZeroH – using their ‘informed sources’ ( Seven arrows owned)Reuters, and (state agit-prop tool)Anadolu wire services, advises

“A court in Istanbul has ordered the arrest of three senior army officers, including two generals on charges of espionage and leading a terrorist group in a case involving the search of Turkish intelligence trucks in 2014.

General Hamza Celepoglu was accused of forming and leading an armed terrorist organization and of trying to overthrow the Turkish government. General Ibrahim Aydin and a retired colonel, Burhanettin Cihangiroglu, were accused of forming and leading an armed terrorist organization as well as spying and trying to oust the Turkish government”

These gentlemen are Gendarmerie officers, NOT “Regular Army officers” – the distinction is critical here. Although formally a part of the Turkish Army, this component is the fault line which the faction in contol in Ankara will exploit to gain mentioned objective. Gendarmerie command reports directly to the Minister of the Interior-not Army General Staff, in all but training matters. This puts their command structure not just in a state of potential conflict of interest, but also allows the would be Caliph to open the attack on the Army without a direct frontal assualt. Classic byzantine intrigue and turkish de-light left hook.

Gendarmerie … by the way… operate as constabulary in areas outside of municipal type policing. Their role could be deemed similar to that of provincial police – or state troopers. Except that they are HEAVILY militarized. Nothin missing from that Arsenal. They are therefore exactly halfway between police and the regular Army. More on that later.

IF he was to arrest a general of the army – directly under General Staff command – it is known that Erdogan would provoke a crisis in short order. Therefore the intermediate road has been chosen to lead to the showdown in increments. Army staff cannot intervene to save colleagues under command of Interior. But they can receive a clear message.

These officers are ‘guilty’ of no more than attempting to protect members of their down chain of command. A duty and responsibility well understood by military personnel through milennia. The actual search of the trucks – MIT(turkish state intelligence/like CIA)-hired vechicles busted by chance on orders of a local prosecutor- was carried out by local Gendarmerie personnel. Who are already in jail – for carrying out their public duties on direct order of the civil government! The trucks were carrying weaponry destined for “Syrian rebels” – who actually are Turkish members of the “Grey Wolves” Gladio-style fascist gang fighting in Syria while snugged amongst the local Turkmen minority. Though they are usually aligned politically with the opposition nationalist MHP party, the current government has undercut that alliance by directly funding the para’s in attacking Syria – using them as proxy tool in a war that their army has refused to countenance.

There will be many army dining halls today where officers walking in will be looking at each other with the silent question – so when does the other shoe drop? They know better than to openly talk about what has happened – due to the abundance of human and mechanical ‘listening devices’ spread everywhere in their midst. Erdogan has once again managed to find the perfect tool to divide and confuse his potential challengers – political, military or civil. Fear of being caught in invented coup-mongering is expected to keep most of the officer class from starting to talk amongst themselves.

The government will not move directly against the military – yet. Parsing this move for a look forward, seems that they will use the Gendarmerie as stalking horse. That group has the lead role in fighting against the Kurdish ‘rebels’ within Turkeys borders – the army is for foreign operations – supposedly. The state is actively encouraging/instigating conflict between the Kurdish PKK and the armed forces – formal and informal. Gangs of guys with Islamist style long beards style are showing up all through the Kurdish regions pretending to be police, They conduct assassinations, instigate riots against Kurdish businesses, leave threatening messages on walls. It’s not hard to see that a conflict between the Gendarmerie and the state’s jihadi paras is eventually going to be ‘engineered’ – in which those remaining professional elements in the Gendarmerie will be forced to take action against the state’s gangsters in order to conduct their duties… and will be accused of ‘treason’ for doing so! A purge of all the professionals – to be replaced by the complicit stooges already in place below them, will ensue.

Here’s the probable scenario that I couldn’t get a handle on two days ago. – Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) will shortly try (again)to cross the Euphrates River into the western zone that the crazies in Ankara have declared “off limits” – even though it is Syrian territory(!) The goverment will order the (regular)Army to detach forces from regular missions to secure the area – because it’s proxy forces in the region have been severely decimated by the Russkie strikes. (Keep in mind that the Air Force component of the Turkish military has been knocked out of the skies as aftereffect of the Russian bomber downing.The Army will balk.

Curiously enough Jim – Gendarmerie General Command is responsibility for some parts of the Iranian and Syrian borders and the whole Iraqi border by law since 1988. But much much worse…they are also tasked with military police responsibilites – eg. provosts with responsibility over the Army! Truly messy, as we watch whom arrests whom… and counter arrests potentially!

Little by little, as the screw turns, the Army will be forced to either watch helplessly, or take up with talk of a coup – which will be turned against them in no time, like is happening now with the invention of a phony Iranian syping ring to hang blanket guilt on these particular generals.. Iran and Russia – lining up together as now ‘unfriendly’ neighbors on the borders of this tin pot dictatorship. It is getting more explosive by the minute, with Putin laying out a list of sanctions that will drive home the final nail in the economy’s coffin. Sinister thing is… most of the effects of those chosen(agricultural and tourism) will be felt in the western region – whose the voters traditionally go with the CHP opposition – therefore undermining the last cohesive base of potential anti-regime grassroots resistance! Lose/lose again.

Think it may be time to start praying that there is some rare talent for strategic thinking amongst those Army guys. We need a coup very very badly now. I say we, in more than just a domestic sense… because the bottom line with these crazies in Ankara is simply this: if we go down, everybody goes! Wıth so many meddlers in the mix in this neighborhood now, Turkey is a gigantic suicide bomber – with the number of a bombs you have pointed out as already in country, the vest that they may well be wearing when they go! Erdogan cannot risk a repeat of the successful Eygptian coup against his muslim brotherhood buddies – he’ll try to take all of us infidels down before allowing it. (these are NOT real Muslims… by the way – they have violated pretty much every tenet of that religion… on a daily basis!)

(One more important note to address. There has also been mumbling in the western press about Turkey’s “trump card” being their ability to close the Bosphorus to Russian naval traffic. That is a canard. The only legal way that the wanna be Caliph can close those straits – is under a state of declared war! In peacetime, traffic is legally guaranteed by international convetion to be open to all traffic. Short of declaring a state of war against Russia – the ultimate last round in the roulette revolver – he cannot and will not close those straits to Russian traffic. If you see a confirmed report that they are closed… you will know we are truly in for it!)

Question for you! If you follow any of these zerohedge type collapsenik sites at all, you will have noticed how they steer their readers to ‘rootin for Putin,’ ‘death of the dollar,’ basically ‘death to america’ in essence. Seen from outside the fishbowl, this seems kind of bizarre behavior, or more bluntly, similar to suicide bombers and their vests! Seems less a random trend than a constructed meme designed to encourage Amerikans into participating actively in their own final snuff film. What think you about this – who is steering these people towards self destructive fantasies – and why?

Alright. That already seems like a lot/too much? for a message panel. Feel free to advise as to what you see appropriate in length/format. I could do up some stuff focusing on backgrounders like -the usual suspects(aka cryptos)role behind all of this- the religious dynamic, or the case of who these Kurds are. Send off in an email to your address here as word file from public facility, if that sounds good n secure. Be safe… keep up the great job!

My response: Posted in entirety, this is where WW3 might start so everything is important.

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