California: Snow, Ice, And -11F (-23.9C)

Snow, ice, and minus 11 degrees in California:

Meanwhile power-hungry bureaucrats are flying into Paris today for their ‘climate-change’ summit.
Oh, they’ll try to persuade us that it’s all about ‘global warming,’ but it’s really about stealing our money and world dominance.

The thermometer plummeted to -11F (-23.9C) on Friday night/Saturday morning at the Bogard Rest Area in the Lassen National Forest east of Redding and north of Susanville.

A few other mountain areas posted below-zero temperatures overnight.

The Sierra has been hit by a series of winter storms, with some places receiving more than 20 inches (50 cm) of snow. Another storm could move in by Thursday, the National Weather Service warns.

A freeze warning was in place in the Sacramento Valley for Sunday. Officials warned residents to protect outdoor plants and pipes.

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  1. the so called climate change is used to get through a hidden political agenda. Never heard so many stupidity about ‘change’ and ‘warming’, we can switch off and on the temperature of the earth as if it is the temperature of my living room. No politician is interested in a cheap solution like planting forests in stead of burning down them but it has to be done in a CO2-market as markets regulate everything.

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