Global warming ‘is FAKE,’ claims top geologist


Global warming ‘is FAKE,’ claims top geologist:

Volume of ice caps is INCREASING and the entire Atlantic Ocean is cooling

The world is not heating up, some areas are actually getting colder and the volume of polar ice caps is increasing in some places, says geologist James Kamis.

This could dispel the “myth” of man-made global warming.

Put simply, says Kamis, our atmospheric temperature has remained static for more than 18 years, the Atlantic has got colder, and it is only the Pacific Ocean where things have heated up.

“It can be boiled down to this,” says Kamis, who has been a geologist for more than 40 years. “Temperatures of the Earth’s three big fluid systems are each trending in different directions. The temperature of the Pacific Ocean is rising, the temperature of the atmosphere has remained constant, and the temperature of the Atlantic Ocean is cooling.”

“The entire Atlantic Ocean is cooling, and not just in the northern portion of the Atlantic that is adjacent to Greenland,” Kamis adds.

These temperature variances do not fit previous climate model predictions, says Kamis. “Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and many universities are at a loss to explain recent conflicting temperature trends from Earth’s oceans and atmosphere.”

James Edward Kamis is a Geologist and AAPG member of 41 years and who has always been fascinated by the connection between Geology and Climate. Years of research and observation have convinced him that the Earth’s Heat Flow Engine, which drives the outer crustal plates, is also an important driver of the Earth’s climate.

He received a BS in Geology from Northern Illinois University in 1973 and an MS in Geology from Idaho State University in

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