Russian Pilots Executed By Syrian ‘Rebels’ While Parachuting (Video)

“Rebels” Shooting At Russian Pilots While Parachuting Caught On Tape:

If Putin was angry when Turkey shot down a Russian plane, which may or may not have crossed Turkish territory – reports on both sides are conflicting – he will be absolutely livid to learn that, according to Turkey’s Dogan News, the Russian pilots who had parachuted in an attempt to save their lives after the plane was shot down, had been executed while parachuting down by local rebels, which considering the video released earlier belonged to the Free Syrian Army, are same “rebels” who are funded directly by the CIA.

And this:

As Telegraph points out, the above tweet is from CNN Turk’s Foreign Editor who tweeted that the Turkmen rebels DHA spoke to said: “We hit at the two pilots after they parachuted.”

This, as many have already pointed out, is a war crime.

The only question is whether this, together with the provocative action by Turkey which many can see being an act of war, will be deemed as such by Putin.

The parachuters can be seen in the second half of the clip below:

For those who missed it, here is the video uploaded by the Free Syrian Army of at least one dead parachuter.

And here is the video of rebels opening fire on Russian pilots:

As one commentator notes, in the video one person shouts over the gun fire, “don’t fire. Let’s take them prisoners. Don’t fire. Prisoners” but it was not meant to be.

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  1. Who Do who think u they are talking to, this lot don’t know war crime rules even if they were written on each other’s foreheads….and the same mortality will spread to Europe imagration…


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