Wide area of northern China blanketed by heavy snow – Heavy snowfall in China – But Dutch MSM ignores it

Heavy snowfall in China – But Dutch MSM ignores it:

“Bogus AGW propaganda is put on the front pages,” says reader Argiris Diamantis.
“People are being brainwashed by the Dutch MSM, crucial information about the cooling, that is really happening is being withheld, and bogus AGW propaganda is put on the front pages.

“Heavy snowfall in China is reported in the Turkish mainstream media (MSM): “Meteorological snow gave the alarm in China”
“It is also reported in the Russian MSM:
Snowfall: the Beijing airport “Shoud” canceled about 200 flights”

“But not a word about this in the Dutch MSM. Instead they publish the news that the director of the KNMI (Dutch Meteorological Institute), Gerard van der Steenhoven, calls for an orange alert for Global Warming.”


Wide area of northern China blanketed by heavy snow:

“Such a heavy snowfall has not occurred often before,” said Sun Jun, chief forecaster at the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau.

On Thursday, the  center had issued a warning on the coming blizzard and reminded residents in northern China of the sharp decline in temperature and possible traffic difficulties.

Key expressways were closed and flights were canceled on Sunday as a wide area of northern China was hit by a snowstorm that disrupted transportation.

Snowstorms were expected to hit Inner Mongolia autonomous region and northern provinces of Shanxi and Hebei as well as Beijing and Tianjin municipalities on Monday.

Schools in mountainous areas in Beijing were due to be closed on Monday due to lasting snowfall, according to local education authorities.

Six expressways that connect Beijing to other parts of China were temporarily closed to prevent traffic accidents due to the heavy snow, said the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau. In Tianjin, all highways were shut down until the snow stopped falling.


Heavy snowfall hits vast area of N. China 
The Forbidden City in Beijing was covered in snow on Nov. 22, 2015. Heavy snowfall hit a vast area of north China on Sunday, disrupting traffic in Beijing, Tianjin and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Snowstorm affects air traffic in Beijing
Passengers wait for their flights at the Beijing Capital International airport after heavy snowstorm cancelled and delayed numerous flights in Beijing on November 23, 2015.

Snowfalls cause chaos in north

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