Chicago – Biggest November snowfall in 120 years!



Chicago – Biggest November snowfall in 120 years!:

With as much as 17 inches of snow across Chicago’s northern suburbs and 11.2 inches at O’Hare International Airport, this became the largest November snowfall in 120 years.

This also makes it Chicago’s fourth snowiest November (the entire month) on record … with more than a week remaining in the month. The three snowiest Novembers were 1940 (14.8 inches), 1895 (14.5 inches) and 1951 (14.3 inches).

Thanks to Andrew Stranglen, Don Brown, John McC and Jack Hydrazine for this link

“I’m not too far from Marengo, Illinois, maybe 30-40mi., and here in the middle of Lake County, it’s easily 12 inches,” says Andrew. “My Russian Olive tree is bending over and laying on my roof.

I cannot remember ANY pre-Thanksgiving snowfall that was as deep, wet, and heavy as this. Usually the snow doesn’t come until a week or two after Thanksgiving. And then rarely this deep. Still a month to go until Winter begins. Took me several hours just to clear walks and driveway. Al Gore and Barack can both suck my car’s tailpipe. fu(&ing idiots!

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