Migrant Crisis: REFUGEES GO ON HUNGER STRIKE: DEMAND $2000 Euros Per Month … What They Do Next Is Even More Outrageous …

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MUSLIM REFUGEES GO ON HUNGER STRIKE: Demand $2000 Euros Per Month…What They Do Next Is More Outrageous…

Hunger strikes for the oppressed seem to be all the rage, both at home and abroad…

“The refugee crisis has many faces. Alongside the urgent need of many, there are also some who believe they can exploit this Culture of Welcoming to make shameless demands,” said Christian Ragger who represents the Carinthia branch of the Freedom Party of Austria in the regional parliament.

He is making reference to events currently underway in St. Kanzian. On Tuesday 20 asylum seekers went on hunger strike because they were given residency permits, as the law provides for, and not passports, and because they are not receiving 2000 euros of pocket money each month.


The most bizarre thing is that these “striking” asylum seekers also want to hold a press conference. They apparently assume that related reports in the media will ensure their demands are met. Via: APA

As I’ve said many times before, the elitists have planned the greatest economic collapse, civil war and WW3 for us.

The ‘migrant crisis’ – or whatever you want to call it – is just part of the plan.

And the elitists are, like always, using ‘divide et impera’ to accomplish their plans.

They will, again, turn humans against humans to accomplish their goals.

WW2 has been a staged event and we are on the road to WW3.

And all of this is part of the plan.

(Why is it that most of those refugees are young males? Shouldn’t they mainly consist of women & children and elderly people? You wouldn’t believe how many of those migrants have ‘lost’ their passports and own the newest iPhone.  And it is not reported in the media that several states in Germany have already declared a state of emergency, because those mainly young male migrants just go into supermarkets and stores, eat and drink whatever they want and take with them whatever they want, leaving a total mess. Many supermarkets/stores refuse to open without police protection and will not let more than 6 refugees inside. Many stores are not even filling up the shelves anymore. Police forces are totally overstretched. Fights between migrants are constantly breaking out on a daily basis, needing hundreds of police just to get things back under control. Then refugees are just disappearing, even entire camps just have disappeared. Also German police forces have found 3 containers full of weapons. About the containers in Germany we do have direct confirmation from police forces. There has been no report in the totally controlled media about this.)


Greek Coast Guard intercepts aid container full of weapons, firearms, possibly intended for Muslim refugees

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  1. That’s awsome! Let them all starve to death and the problem is solved!!!!!!!! They must have took notice from our college crybabies here in America……

  2. Give them enough to at least buy gas, matches, and bullets! You know that is what thjey really need the money for. Strange the mosque is not helping.
    I am sure the churches scheduled for burning would help


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