VIDEO: Million Student March leader fails Economics 101… can’t explain how nation might pay for all student tuition and debt… economic illiteracy on exhibit

VIDEO: Million Student March leader fails Economics 101… can’t explain how nation might pay for all student tuition and debt… economic illiteracy on exhibit:

In what has to be the most entertaining yet instructive video of the year, Neil Cavuto interviews Keely Mullen, the national organizer for the Million Student March, about how she thinks the nation should pay for the free tuition and nationwide bailout of all student debt currently being demanded by hordes of racist, crazed student mobs all across America.

Her pathetic, bumbling attempts at answering this fundamental question of “who pays for all this?” tells you everything you need to know about today’s idiotic college students:

• They are economically illiterate and have truly zero understanding of where money comes from (which is why they keep demanding more of it) or what things actually cost.

• They believe the national income tax rate should be 90%! And they have no problem with this, thinking it’s all part of “social justice” whereby those who work hard and earn more are looted to redistribute their earnings to the pathetic “victim class” of crybullies and social justice warriors. Their slogan should really be, “Bleed the rich!” where “rich” means anyone who isn’t living on government entitlements.

• They ridiculously think the so-called “one percent” are comprised solely of billionaires who have endless bags full of money just lying around being wasted because it’s not being put to use somewhere. They apparently have no grasp of the reality that the one percent are people who work hard in small businesses, too, creating the very jobs that might one day hire college graduates (if they weren’t so incredibly stupid, that is).

• They also believe this “one percent” are “hoarding the wealth” and depriving that money from being relinquished to college students. Wow. Yeah, seriously. If only these wealth hoarders wouldn’t hoard so much, we’re being told, students wouldn’t have student debt and “equality” would finally be achieved at long last!

• Today’s college student leaders apparently talk and think like low-grade high schoolers. They demonstrate no intelligence or critical thinking skills whatsoever. This particular student leader was dumbfounded when Neil Cavuto asked how she would be able to keep taxing the rich when those people just decided to LEAVE. She paused for a moment, then asked, “Leave?” Cavuto responded, “The country!” (And somehow refrained from adding, “You freaking moron” onto the end of his statement.) In response to this statement, Mullen ridiculously answers that “America will always have a one percent.” Huh? Not if they leave, honey.

She goes on to say, “There is a global catastrophe of, like, a complete defunding of social services…” to which Cavuto answers, “Because they ran out of money.” The very idea that nations could run out of money seems entirely alien to Mullen. It is abundantly clear from the video that she has absolutely no clue where money comes from. Like nearly all radical leftists, Mullen is economically illiterate and wholly incapable of doing the math.

As the final icing on the cake of this delicious dessert of economic illiteracy served chilled, when Neil Cavuto asks her whether making college tuition FREE would result in colleges and universities hiking tuition rates to price gouge the system and exploit the free tuition for massive profits, here is Mullen’s ridiculous answer, word for word:

“Well, I mean, ideally if we have a big enough mass movement of people in the streets, we can actually prevent things like that from happening.”

HUH? Perhaps this girl’s name should be changed to Keely “Does Not Compute” Mullen. She has no clue what Neil Cavuto is even talking about. In her world, everything is accomplished solely by people marching in the streets.

It is no coincidence, of course, that she’s a leading organizer of all the clueless, economically illiterate people who are marching in the streets right now.

Watch and be amazed:

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  1. Pay your own fucking debt! What a bunch of spoiled fucking brats thinking that the tax payers should pay for their education to better themselves. If that’s the case then I want my mortgage and auto loans payed for by the tax payers……….


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