Cancer – Enzymes, Enzyme Therapy, And Probiotics (Video)


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As a side note:

Only raw foods still contain enzymes! You need those enzymes to rebuild and heal your body.

So don’t kill (cook) all of your food.

The following is an excerpt from a book:

One of the unique characteristics of (for example) dried barley leaves (organic and in raw food quality) is their hundreds of LIVE enzymes. Until you understand the significance of this, you cannot appreciate either health or healing!

A good way to help you to understand the importance of enzymes is by giving you an illustration.

An architect, in cooperation with a contractor, may determine every item of material needed for building a new home.

These hundreds of items could be correctly ordered and safely delivered to a building site.

But until the carpenters, brick layers, plasterers, painters and other specialists come to do the work, the home remains unbuilt.

Enzymes are the bodies labor force in performing all chemical and biological processes in the body. We are born with a given, limited amount of enzyme activity (I compare it to a bank account); we must learn to conserve it.

Depleting our enzyme supply (constantly drawing from the bank account by eating only cooked and processed foods) results in a weakened immune system. Weakening our immune system makes us prime targets for disease.

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