Staged Migrant Crisis To Bring About Merkel’s Downfall

… so that the Bilderberg rat Merkel (CDU) can leave the sinking ship, making place for another Bilderberg puppet Chancellor coming from the SPD this time. (Maybe even Olaf Scholz?)

And then, under the next Bilderberg puppet SPD Chancellor, Germany will be (totally) destroyed … and not only Germany.

On the elite agenda are tax-hikes, bail-ins, civil unrest, financial/economic collapse, civil war and then ‘real’ war, i.e. WW3.


Merkel May be Forced From Office Over Refugees:

Merkel’s refugee policy has really divided Europe, no less her own country. This issue appears staged to bring about her downfall. It was 17 days ahead of the ECM turning point on September 13 (2 x 8.6) when Merkel reimposed border controls; the cornerstone of Europe was to be the freedom of movement. She has certainly divided Europe. It is starting to appear that her days are numbered.

And here is Olaf Scholz at Bilderberg:



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