Record snowfall in Elko, Nevada … Breaks old record set in 1957

Record snowfall in Elko, Nevada:

Breaks old record set in 1957.

The National Weather Service reported a record snowfall of 3.6 inches at the Elko Regional Airport Tuesday. This breaks the old record of 2.4 inches for that date, set in 1957.

The weather service recorded total snowfall of 5.2 inches at the Elko Regional Airport as of late Tuesday afternoon. Preliminary estimates for Spring Creek and Lamoille were between 6 and 11 inches. In Carlin, it was estimated between 8 and 10 inches.

In Elko and Carlin there were reports of damage to houses, cars, fences and power lines—largely due to fallen tree branches. The entire Carlin community lost power for most of the day.

“That heavy, wet snow is just a tremendous weight on those branches,” said Elko Fire Chief Matt Griego.

The storm also affected travel on Northern Nevada roads, where chains or snow tires were required on many routes.

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