Rabbis: Killing Palestinian resistance fighters ‘a religious duty’

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Rabbis have declared the killing of Palestinian resistance fighters “a religious duty”, Israeli media reported.

Rabbis: Killing Palestinian resistance fighters ‘a religious duty’:

Israeli news website Walla reported that right-wing rabbis replied to questions including: “Am I allowed to kick the insurgent, hit him or shoot him in order to kill him after he has been arrested or is this prohibited?”

Rabbi Rav Benzion Mutzafi replied: “It is not only desirable to do so, but it is a religious duty that you hold his head down to the ground and hit him until his last breath.”

Mutzafi expressed anger towards Rabbi David Staph’s response. Staph said it is prohibited for people to attack a Palestinian perpetrator of an operation after he has been injured or when he is posing no danger. Mutzafi responded: “Do not listen to Staph because those who have mercy on the cruel will end up being cruel toward the righteous.”

Chief Rabbi of the city of Safed Shmuel Eliyahu called for all Israeli police officers and soldiers who allow Palestinian resistance fighters to live after their arrest.

“It is prohibited to keep the vandal alive after the operation, because if he is left alive, there is a fear that he would be released and then he would kill others,” Eliyahu wrote on Facebook.



2 thoughts on “Rabbis: Killing Palestinian resistance fighters ‘a religious duty’”

  1. A duty, yes.


    I have watched part of the film, T, & will do the rest soon, but I still feel the Khazar jews need to identify as jews. Their chanting when I was at school was fanatical. Maybe, just maybe, it is all part of the divide & conquer by creating confusion.

    Minority exclusives always prove the rule. There are sincere, genuine, honest jews. I have met some. But by far the majority of those in our world despise gentiles, will not integrate and manipulate to undermine society through disproportionate representation that we goy are told is for our well being.

    Either way, I simply can not trust one again.

  2. I don’t think he used the term ‘resistance fighter’. If they attacked any other country, they would be terrorists. But since it is Israel, then it is ‘resistance’.


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