3 thoughts on “China in Syria? Ready to Join Russia in ISIS fight”

  1. Well, they sure are not going there to support the US.
    ISIS is US created, the job was so obvious, they all must know it.
    Thank GE and all the global corporations for giving the Chinese their trade secrets in exchange for a couple of decades of slave labor……They have the same weapons we do now.

    China isn’t building an army for no reason……
    Perhaps the world is coming to an end, not just me.

  2. I am not surprised, China needs all kind of stuff from worldwide so they will protect their interest, food supply from Ukrain, Africa, South-America and so on.

  3. And it is known that Erdogan is supporting Chinese Uyghur, he considered them as Turkish. I would not be surprised if NATO will be broken up starting with Turkey.


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