81% Of Syrians Believe The US Is To Blame For ISIS

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81% of Syrians Believe U.S. is to Blame for ISIS:

81 percent of Syrians believe the U.S. and its allies are behind the creation of the ISIS, according to a recent survey from research firm ORB International.

“The advance of ISIL In Iraq has many seeking reasons for their presence in Iraq. 81% Syria/85% Iraq believe that ISIL is a foreign/American made group, while in Iraq with the larger split in sunni/shia population 75% also agree that it is a result of sectarian problems across the region.

Previous Prime Minister al-Maliki is also blamed by 71% as a driving force in the creating of the terror group. A majority (51%) also believe that ‘getting rid of ISIL is not possible without solving the problems in Syria also,’”  the report explained.

Further, the survey predictably found that many Syrians believe the country’s affairs are still headed in the wrong direction. As the report explains,

The poll also confirms a deteriorating environment.

A majority in both countries say things are heading in the wrong direction (66% Iraq, 57% Syria), while in Iraq 67% that they preferred their life two years ago before the conflict started, increasing to 71% among those from ISIL majority controlled governorates of Anbar, Ninevah and Salah al-din.

In Syria, just 21% prefer life now to what life was like under the full control of Bashar al Assad – 40% preferred life four years ago, 35% saying life is essentially the same.”

The results shouldn’t come as a surprise, but they do offer another piece of anecdotal evidence that suggests the U.S. had a major role in creating ISIS — evidence that is becoming less anecdotal every day.

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