5 thoughts on “China’s Economy Continues To Crumble As Key Data Is Worst In 15 Years”

  1. Nothing can grow infinitely at a set percentage per year……economic systems don’t work that way. A startup company can often double production and human resources, but at some point it will no longer grow so rapidly. It is common sense.

    China has shown unsustainable growth year over year. I didn’t believe it, and am surprised so many have expected it to continue without variation. They just found a bank with fake gold bars in Russia; Russia quickly shut it down, Russia being the country with the most gold on the planet.

    I have expected it to be found in China…….for the corporations and other greedy guts who joined forces with them……they are in for one hell of a ride.
    Couldn’t happen to nicer people……

    People who are so greedy that they cannot see the obvious stacking of the deck such as China has presented…..they deserve what they get. Unfortunately, many people who were not involved in the China debacle are going to get burned by the consequent economic fallout. The fallout is here, and it is going to be hard for many.

    The greed of a few caused the crash of 2001 & 2008…..Now, the crash of 2015.

    I read earlier here in CA, the recently legalized pot industry is going to be taken over by the state…….Those who planned a big killing in the industry are going to get burned……by their state…..There is money in pot, and the state needs money badly. The Federal government is no help, so they are going after one of the few profitable industries in the state……..

    Why the leaders won’t tax real profit is beyond me…….Instead, they find ways to manipulate the voters instead. We are in for some bad times, this is like going after moonshiners for their profits.

  2. Looks like the Chinese, Japanese & Hong Kong markets are lower tonight (7PM PDT)…..Australia, Philippines are up……
    I have to laugh, the Bloomberg markets are claiming the FED will keep rates at zero for other greedy gut bankers until the US is at a stable 2% inflation rate.
    Just look at food, shelter, medical care and energy……..they continue to climb rapidly while the statistic readers doggedly ignore those aspects of life to cry we are in deflation.
    If we are in deflation, it sure isn’t apparent in food or shelter………………….

    My late Ex husband was a sharp player in the markets, and he once said “you can BS the world, but the day you start to believe your own BS, you are in trouble….” Truer words were never spoken.

    Fools are in power, and the world is a mess.


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