Second Largest Brokerage In Japan Just Made Global Financial “Meltdown” Its Base Case: “The Worst The World Has Ever Seen”

A Major Bank Just Made Global Financial “Meltdown” Its Base Case: “The Worst The World Has Ever Seen” (ZeroHedge, Sep 12, 2015):

One bank that is now less than optimistic that China can escape a total economic meltdown is the Daiwa Institute of Research, a think tank owned by Daiwa Securities Group, the second largest brokerage in Japan after Nomura.

Actually, scratch that: Daiwa is downright apocalyptic.

Of all the possible risk scenarios the meltdown scenario is, realistically speaking, the most likely to occur. It is actually a more realistic outcome than the capital stock adjustment scenario. If China’s economy, the second largest in the world, twice the size of Japan’s, were to lapse into a meltdown situation such as this one, the effect would more than likely send the world economy into a tailspin. Its impact could be the worst the world has ever seen.”


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  1. China has been artificially inflating their GDP for years. The 10% per year growth, over and over……then 7% per year ad infinitum……..Nothing grows that fast beyond the first few years……Nothing.

    China has much of the world economy depending on it. I cannot count the endless articles saying China could pull us out of the endless economic malaise we have suffered since 2008. Now, it is clear, China depends on exports and consumers buying their stuff. Now the economy has changed, fear has slowly and consistently wormed its way into the economic psyche……

    Europeans are used to cutting back and not buying stuff they don’t need. It took Americans a while longer, but we have been cutting back for quite a while, it has been gradual, but it has set in. We have slightly over 200 million working age Americans and 94 million of them struggle with long term unemployment.

    The FED chair of Cleveland said we are at Full Employment (5.1% unemployment) and it is time to raise rates…..All the talking heads on the fake financial channels started pushing for FED rate raises……It is all so programmed, so false and untrue. 79% of Americans believe nothing they hear on TV……

    Nobody believes the US government, other nations or leaders, or our own people except the few who are doing fine……..

    I read the CA government is taking over the pot business from inception of the plant through its final disposal. There are some pot growers who are going to be very unhappy. CA needs money, and the pot growers are those who have managed to get by with everything……looks like it is going to change. Evidently, they plan to put bar codes on the types and strengths of the plants. Which are organic, which are not?

    When the CA governor was mayor of Oakland, pot was legalized in Oakland. He immediately tried to put all growing into the hands of two corporations. The united protest of thousands who were using pot to keep body and soul together forced him to drop his plan. Don’t be surprised if he does it this time……he is corporate owned.

    Japan used to be a strong economy, one of the largest holders of US debt and a strong saving nation. Since March of 2011, many of their exports have been returned as too radioactive, and their debt to GDP has grown to nearly 60%. They have been tied with China for centuries, even adopted their writing for their own. Japan is a very eclectic country, has borrowed from other countries things they need for their own. China, language, trade the US and so on….If they see trouble ahead with China (thus the world), they are likely correct.

    A small Russian bank was caught showing fake bars of gold as part of their reserve…..I fear China has done the same by many times over……They are an economy of tricks……It bodes evil for the rest of us.

    Thanks for covering this story………….


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