2 thoughts on “Current Economic Collapse News Brief – Sep 5, 2015 – (Video)”

  1. More drama, more fear mongering……I listened to it until he mentioned John Kerry. He claimed Kerry said if the deal with Iran didn’t pass, the dollar would collapse.

    Sorry, I heard that quote in real time: Kerry did NOT say the dollar would collapse!

    What Kerry said (I have mentioned it here more than once) was that if the deal with Iran didn’t fly, the US might lose world reserve currency status…..It got my attention because nobody in this corporate robotic administration has ever made reference to world reserve status. Most Americans don’t even know what world reserve currency is about.

    Why Kerry said that about Iran is beyond me….Iran embraced the electronic currency when it was made available through Russia and China, but it was China that spread it around the world, not Iran…..

    It was a very odd thing for Kerry to say……..It certainly caught my attention because it was at variance with anything this government has ever said.

    In 2010, 100% of all world trade was completed in US dollars; today, it is about 50% and declining. That is due to the introduction of electronic currencies that translate the value of each nation’s currency at the time of transaction with another country. Each nation can use their own currencies and not have to first convert to the dollar to complete a trade.

    Technology has rendered the entire concept of a world reserve currency obsolete. It is a good deal for all nations, but it is a real monkey wrench in US world financial domination. We will soon be a nation among nations, like Great Britain…..Empires come and go…… Nothing can be done to put the genie back into the bottle.

    Whoever made this video needs to calm down and stop the fear mongering. His assertions are incorrect and border on hysteria. We don’t need that now….We need to keep our heads. The world economy is indeed stalled. Thanks to technology and the corporate takeover of much of the world, untold millions can no longer participate in this buy and sell world economy.

    In the US, they are now claiming we are at FULL employment, only 5.1% unemployment regardless the true number of long term working age Americans who are unemployed just hit 94 million. This is out of a working age group of slightly over 200 million…..Damn near 50% real unemployment, the mendacious media claims everything is wonderful.

    In the Euro zone, unemployment is double digit everywhere regardless of the lies. When half the people cannot afford to shop, a global economy cannot continue to grow ad infinitum……Nothing grows forever.

    This fool globalization scheme has destroyed the western economy…..We are seeing the next stage of declining empires. Every thousand years, economic power seems to shift from east to west, west to east……we are seeing it happen again.


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