‘Around 800 jihadis across Europe ready to attack’

H/t reader squodgy:

“Joining more dots….after NODISINFO’s comprehensive analysis of the French train/US ‘civilians disarming a ‘would be’ terrorist, TUT has linked the whole thing to ……you know who……”


‘Around 800 jihadis across Europe ready to attack’ (The Ugly Truth, Aug 31, 2015):

Ed-note (Sabba) – As the article mentions that false flag attack which took place on the Thalys train between Amsterdam and Paris, I would like to add here a couple of notes about it.

Thalys current CEO is a woman called Agnès Ogier. Mrs. Ogier started her professional career with an american company called BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON (BAH). Bloomberg published an article on BAH, calling it ‘the most profitable spy organization’ (LINK). James R. Clapper, the current Director of National Intelligence, also comes from BAH.

The patsy-alleged terrorist, Ayoub Al Khazzani, moved to France from Spain, after he got a job with a telecom company called Lyca Mobile.

Lyca Mobile’s CEO is a jew called Alain Jochimek, 63 years old who also happens to be one of CRIF representatives. The CRIF is the french equivalent of AIPAC, the group which selects, nominates and anoints all french presidents.

Alain Jochimek is also the vice-president of the B’nai Brith France.

The american heroes who saved France – once again – were seen following Ayoub Al Khazzani from Brussels. But on a positive note, let us celebrate the fact that this time around, no French woman was raped during this latest american rescue operation of the poor and helpless French people.

To sum up the Thalys story: it stinks from miles away.


‘Around 800 jihadis across Europe ready to attack’ (THE JEWISH CHRONICLE, Aug 27, 2015):

Spanish counter-terrorism officials warned this week that around 800 Islamist militants are preparing to launch attacks around Europe.

The intelligence sources said that the extremists had mostly returned from Syria or Iraq where they had been recruited by Daesh or groups affiliated to al-Qaeda.

UK security agencies acknowledge that there are around 350 Britons who have returned from fighting in the Middle East and that some of them are plotting attacks here.

The Spanish warnings came after a Moroccan gunman was overpowered on a French train travelling from Amsterdam to Paris last Friday.

Three young Americans and a British grandfather prevented the attacker, Ayoub El Khazzani, 25, from carrying out a massacre. On Monday, President Francois Hollande presented them with the Legion d’honneur, France’s highest military honour, for their bravery.

It emerged this week that Khazzani had watched an Islamist video shortly before attempting the atrocity.

Peter Neumann, director of International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence at King’s College London, recently told a London conference: “Wherever I go in Europe and speak to security services, I see that they have been driving in fifth gear for a year or two. The problem is not that they are struggling to understand the problem, it is that they are struggling to cope with number of cases that they have on their desks.”

Terrorism coming to a country near you, brought to you by …







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