Police Claim Teen Ran After they Shot Him in the Back, But the Autopsy Shows that’s Impossible

Police Claim Teen Ran After they Shot Him in the Back, But the Autopsy Shows that’s Impossible (The Free Thought Project, Aug 28, 2015):

Original police reports made no mention of where Ball-Bey was hit when he was allegedly turning to shoot at officers.

Last week, however, when the autopsy report was released, it showed that Ball-Bey was shot in the back. The bullet entered his back and exited through his heart.

Immediately after this release of information, police Chief Sam Dotson made the following statement:

“Just because he was shot in the back, doesn’t mean he was running away. It could be. And I’m not saying that it doesn’t mean that. I just don’t know yet.”

Despite Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Graham finding that Ball-Bey’s spinal cord was severed from the bullet last week, this information was not released to the media until now.

The severing of Ball-Bey’s spinal cord is an essential component in this case, which was conveniently left out. If the bullet cut his spinal cord in half, how was it that Ball-Bey ran from the back yard, where he allegedly dropped the gun, al the way to the front yard?

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  1. The most disturbing aspect of this story is that it is happening every day in America……Our police have become as corrupt as the ones in Mexico. In Mexico, they will pull tourists over, and demand cash or else….jail. It has happened to friends of mine, nobody I know will go there any longer….

    Now, it is happening here, and nothing is said or done about it. Occasionally, there is some news (that isn’t) coverage before it vanishes into oblivion.

    I was talking with a friend today, he brought up political ads……I ventured the thought that with the advent of the DVR, most people don’t watch ads….I have not seen any since DVRs became available…..and there are millions of us today.

    Today, they sell political issues and candidates with the endless propaganda shows that have replaced our news. Donald Trump is featured everywhere….so are the other idiots……while they sideline Sanders. The only hope is the fact less people watch cable TV, many have gone to NetFlix, ETC…..Why bother?

    Sanders is the only decent one of the bunch, he has a huge following which he has capitalized on by using the Internet. Perhaps he is ahead of the curve….I hope. Everyone is tied into their hand-held devices, not portable TVs….

    Nothing works. Something has to change, or we are finished.

    Corruption reigns.

    “For evil to flourish, good men only need do nothing.” Edmund Burke

    What wisdom those 18th century men had………we have regressed into deterioration for which there is no cure.

    “Through adversity we grow.” was the oft-repeated statement of a very wise man I used to know. I can only hope that the economic downturn will wake enough people up………

    “Adversity jolts change” said the great historian and social scientist, Arnold Toynbee……..

    Fools are now in power, and their incompetence is more dangerous to our future than an adroit scoundrel………Now, we have amoral fools…….the worst.

    Something has to give, the blatant corruption isn’t even questioned.


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