Greece Faces Snap Elections As Lawmakers Abandon Tsipras

Greece Faces Snap Elections As Lawmakers Abandon Tsipras (ZeroHedge, Aug 18, 2015):

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has lost the support he needs to win a confidence vote, setting up the possibility of snap elections. Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s bulletproof reputation will be tested on Wednesday when the Bundestag will be forced to vote on the Greek bailout without an assurance that the IMF will ultimately shoulder a portion of the burden.

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  1. Germany managed to hang over 98% of the last round of Greek debt onto Spain, Italy, France, and themselves. Who would take the latest round?

    Greece cannot pay the last round of debt, regardless of promised interest rates…

    It isn’t feasible. I remember a dreadful woman I met who bragged to me about 90% interest loans she made to Mexicans. They would sign a paper to pay her $1000.00, she would give them a $100.00 bill. I hope she died broke, a nastier more avaricious creature I never met.

    But, the point is that they could never have paid her $1000.00, so she was throwing her $100.00 bills down a rat hole…….I don’t think Spain, Italy, France or Germany is going to be willing to shoulder more Greek debt, no matter how high the interest rate. They cannot pay what they owe right now.

    Guess what? The central banks, the ECB, IMF and the FED are running out of printer’s ink……..

    The entire global economy is collapsing. Not all the war stories, celebrity spin or the election that isn’t will obscure the obvious for much longer: Nothing like financial losses to awaken the sleepiest of all, the US corporate media watcher.


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