1 thought on “Jeblary 2016”

  1. I would not yet bet either of those losers will win the white house.
    Trump has tapped into a rage and sense of disenfranchisement felt by better than half the population. Understand 93.8 million working age Americans (out of a total slightly more than 200,000) are suffering long term unemployment.
    The poverty rate in the US is now 50%….
    Think there might be a connection?
    People are fed up with the endless sour retreads from both parties, and are really disgusted with the status quo…..
    Trump is getting the attention of people of all parties. That creepy false debate was the 3rd largest viewing FOX ever had………..it was because of Trump, not the other losers.
    I managed to watch half of it, deleted the rest…..it was too disgusting, but the way Trump deflected the questions he didn’t want to answer, and threw decoys at the questioners……he changed one entire dialog asking what he had to say about people he left in the lurch through his many bankruptcies to his attitude towards women. The man is a master showman and political player……..

    As for clinton, her negatives are too deep. Sanders is giving her a big run for her money already, just as Obama did in 2008…….Also, Biden might well jump in……they don’t want the white house to go to a republican….and if they ran clinton, the republicans would win. That is why all the right wing talking heads call clinton the frontrunner………..just as they did in 2008……until she wasn’t.

    Clinton is so arrogant and power mad that she cannot even change her game plan from 2008……calling herself the frontrunner again……She never learns, and most of her problems stem from incompetence……she is riding on slick willie’s reputation…….but she isn’t slick willie, she is just avaricious and ego driven. It is all about her, nothing about the nation…….Her stonewalling is worthy of Bush Boy of the Coup of 2000.


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