Prime Aged Workers Tumble In July, Workers 55 And Over Surge To New All Time High

Prime Aged Workers Tumble In July, Workers 55 And Over Surge To New All Time High (ZeroHedge, Aug 7, 2015):

In a month in which the Establishment survey reported that 215K jobs were added, the Household survey was far less sanguine, estimating only 101K job gains in June after a drop of 56K in May. But the punchline emerged when looking at the age composition of the job winners… and losers. As we expected, more than all job gains, or 211,000 of the total, came in the 55 and over job category. Workers 16-24 lost a total of 8,000 jobs. And the worst hit were, who else, those in their prime, as the number of workers aged 25-54 dropped by another 131K.


2 thoughts on “Prime Aged Workers Tumble In July, Workers 55 And Over Surge To New All Time High”

  1. Lets see, that averages 53,750 a week …..
    Divide by 50, that is 3700 jobs per state each week…….
    In the oil industry, we lost over 15,000 jobs over the past ten days, not including the contractors who were canceled out………..Oh, contractors or self-employed are not included in the unemployment numbers…………….
    I have not included the growth in the population over the last month, either.

    3700 jobs a week in a growing population of over 325 million… is that a good number? Where the working age population is slightly over 200 million? How is this good? In a world where there are lies, damn lies and statistics……..Every month, this number, or ones even worse, are touted as the endless “growth” of this fool’s recovery since 2009…..????

    I am not addressing the number of aged workers vs. working age people; older people are far more willing to work less hours, and if they have Medicare, the insurance costs are far lower for the employer…….

    I read the employment level for our youth is growing, just as it is in Spain, Greece, Portugal, France, Italy and others…………..breaking them into two categories doesn’t make the truth any less unbearable.

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I am damn sick of government lies and even worse, their mendacious statistics.

  2. At Up On Her in MN, (say it real fast to get the real name) a friend of mine got a letter of warning at exactly age 40. I warned him about age discrimination but he ignored me till this. They put him on some programs to repair his “new” poor performance. His failure was turning 40, of course. Over 40, Out the front door! Thats the American dream!


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