‘Anomalous’ July Snowfall In Montana, Wyoming And Idaho


“Anomalous” July snowfall in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho (Ice Age Now, July 29, 2015):

‘Exceptional’ cold front blankets Montana, Wyoming peaks with rare July snow, reads the  headline in the Washington Post.

“Montana, Wyoming Receive Unusual Late-July Snowfall,” reads the headline on weather.com.

“Anomalous snowfall in the Idaho, Montana and Wyoming Northern Rockies,” reads yet another.

“On Monday, an unusually intense cold front — which forecasters described as “exceptional” — swept through the northern Rockies, setting the stage for a rare July snow event that deposited up to several inches at above 8,000 feet elevations in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.”

“This pattern should not happen in July,” commented the National Weather Service (NWS) forecast office in Billings.

Snow was reported at Glacier National Park (8,000 ft elevation) in Montana, as well as the Big Sky (Montana) and Jackson Hole (Wyoming) ski areas. Jackson Hole picked up a few inches of new snow, with more snow forecasted for Monday night at higher elevations.

“(This is) something more typical of the cold-weather season than mid-July,” said weather.com senior meteorologist Nick Wiltgen.

“(This) is a pattern rarely seen in those states before late August or September. Weather anomaly!”


See lots of photos:
http://www.weather.com/news/news/montana-wyoming-snow-photos?cm_ven=Twitter_TheWeatherChan nel_Weather_JWa_Article_No_6_20150728


Thanks to Ralph Fato, Ronald Baker and Don Bishop for these links

(Photo was taken at Jackson Hole. Sorry, but I don’t know who to credit.)

2 thoughts on “‘Anomalous’ July Snowfall In Montana, Wyoming And Idaho”

  1. It is obvious we are experiencing climate change………and it concerns me greatly. Heating is miserable, here in CA we have not enjoyed a nice cold Winter in years….It absolutely sucks. We might get rain this year, but it will be from El Nino, hot rain from the tropics. Any rain is better than none, but I am one who truly misses the four seasons we used to enjoy in Northern CA……It is hot all year around. I hate hot weather, born in San Francisco, and even there, the changes are obvious, were it not for the fog, it would be miserable there, too.

    Seeing these strange weather events makes me look at history. We had a radical climate change in the 1600s, destroyed crops around the western world…..no data on the east. We had a cooling that was just as destructive….my guess is that it was probably hot in some places (not counted) and cold in others. It caused mass starvation, and anyone ,who thinks that cannot happen again is delusional.

    I could go in the the genetic twisting of crops they are doing, but the results will not be seen for a while. It is typical greedy gut logic, all short term, and their greed doesn’t allow for long term effects. They don’t care if the food products mutate and become unfit for human consumption……it is all about profit for the next quarter.

    Greedy corporations now control the entire western economy, the Euro and the US…..This sort of reporting will be even more sidelined, they don’t care. Even more distressing is the overall apathy in the populace today. Those of us who care are dying off, and they remain oblivious by choice. A populace that doesn’t care has no hope, but they are too ignorant to know it. By the time they realize it……it is already too late…….it will really be too late. There will be no avenues of truth left.

    A friend of mine told me he just tried re-reading “1984”. I laughed and said no wonder he is depressed……He told me he could not finish reading it, it has all come true. I wonder if students have to read that book and “Brave New World” any longer? Somehow, I doubt it……..

    I wish I had some words of hope or ideas of mankind confronting any of these problems. I look at the total ignoring of Fukushima, the complete lack of coverage of stories such as this……and I realize the Media has totally become the message and the official truth. Marshall McLuen was correct….I read his stuff over 40 years ago, thought it was true then. At that time, it was TV. Today, TV is losing media relevance in favor of the Internet. Once the greedy guts gain complete control of the Internet, any avenue to pass the truth to others will be extinguished……..

    They are even cutting handwriting from school programs, typing is so much more efficient. A woman on line told me it was not right to “force” kids to learn handwriting……Such folly doesn’t deserve freedom. To have freedom, people have to have a hand in the game and be willing to fight for their civil and economic freedom. Today, corporations have swallowed the life out of more industries than I can count……the average wage is somewhere around $14.00 an hour, they have no hand in the game, and as such have nothing to fight for….This is why the traditional society has been the dominant mode of living for thousands of years.

    I remember the day the market fell 777 points. A group of us who had hands in the game (and the markets) were commiserating with each other. A guy came up to us and laughed. His remark was that he had nothing anyway, so he didn’t care……That comment made me realize that poverty is a great enabler for greedy guts. Poor people don’t care, they have no hand in the game, so will not fight their greedy takeovers.

    This is why the traditional society lasted until the 18th and 19th century. Even then, slaves have been present in their economies. Today, we are seeing a merciless and consistent return to one, and it will affect the entire western economy. This globalization BS has done a number on the US and Euro……who can compete with slave labor in China?

    Well, convict labor which currently pays about 90cents a day…..Why does anyone think the US incarcerates more people, over 1% of the US population is behind bars, a higher percentage then China. Prisons have been privatized (just like the 19th century) and the owners rent out convicts to corporations for 90cents a DAY…..The corporations are given big tax CREDITS for renting them……Credits are like cash in tax land……

    1% of the population is 3.2 Million people, much larger than 1% brings to mind. We have 325 million people living in the US. The census website updates the numbers every few days…..and that doesn’t count the illegals. That removes over 3 million jobs with costs that are far cheaper than China.

    I could go on, but this is about climate. The corrupt leaders we have will do nothing to address any problems, they are at the bid of greedy gut corporations…..As a result, they work against us daily.

    Thanks for posting a story mainstream media won’t dare to touch….

  2. If you can access it, check out the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC from 7/29/15. A story 43 minutes into the show ought to be of interest to all who come to this site. It is about the mysterious deaths of people who have served at Guantanamo…….9 of the small number of those with that history have all been diagnosed of vicious, aggressive cancers at young ages…….It is suspicious enough that an investigation is actually being opened.

    The navy is opening an investigation to see why a large number of these people have sickened and died of these dreadful deaths……In my opinion, it is another example of the criminal investigating himself……Young and healthy people who have served at Guantanamo a disproportional number of people serving there are now sick or dead.

    All have served at military commission site at Guantanamo…….A whole kangaroo court system set up by that shitheel Bush, and maintained by that fraud, Obama…..They are totally dependent on the military to come and go, and these BS cases take years. Why are these people dying?

    We all know the horror of Guantanamo from its inception to now…….It was a key component in destroying US credibility around the world……the market crash of 2008 and the lack of change in our markets afterwards finished the job…….

    Check it out. She isn’t allowed to address the biggest question…..is it purposely being polluted? If so, who and why?

    The guy she interviews also points out the navy won’t be transparent with any results. In my opinion, they won’t be honest, especially if they are behind it……The military people are often fanatical about the causes they serve regardless of their truth or lack of same; it is the only way they can handle it.


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