Congressman and Agricultural Subcommittee Chairman: “Nearly 80 Percent of the Food Produced In the United States Contains Some Kind of GM [Genetically Modified] Product”


Congressman and Agricultural Subcommittee Chairman: “Nearly 80 Percent of the Food Produced In the United States Contains Some Kind of GM [Genetically Modified] Product” (Washington’s Blog, July 24, 2015):

It’s Hard to Find Non-GMO Food

We knew that a lot of American crops were genetically modified. For example, we noted last year:

  • The USDA reports that 93% of all soy and 85% of all corn grown in the U.S. is an herbicide-resistant GE variety
  • Similarly, around 93% of all cottonseed oil and more than 90% of all canola oil produced in the U.S. is herbicide-resistant GE

But we didn’t realize how widespread GMO foods have really become …

On Tuesday, the chair of the Subcommittee on Conservation, Energy, and Forestry of the House Committee on Agriculture – Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania – said in Congressional testimony :

Nearly 80 percent of the food produced in the United States contains some kind of GM product …

Bottom line: It’s difficult to find non-GMO American food … especially since the feds are doing everything they can to keep us in the dark.

1 thought on “Congressman and Agricultural Subcommittee Chairman: “Nearly 80 Percent of the Food Produced In the United States Contains Some Kind of GM [Genetically Modified] Product””

  1. Three corporations control every US media outlet in the nation. Such information never reaches the fools who watch TV from the moment of awakening until they nod off to sleep at night, secure in their apathetic ignorance……..Greedy guts now control the food supply, and when the problems from their short sighted profit taking rise up, the people will be the ones who go hungry and/or sicken…..Corporations, like bankers, are the most evil man made entity. Abe Lincoln said that of corporations over 150 years ago, corporations only had a 40 year life in those days…..I added the part about bankers.

    I studied history with an emphasis on the art and science of propaganda. The study of history entails in depth studies of social, political and economic history and patterns.

    This is so much like Orwell’s “1984” I find it terrifying. I am almost relieved I won’t be here for the worst of it; if it can get much worse. People are told what to believe by the talking idol, and they comply. Otherwise intelligent people are turned into gibbering idiots by the talking idol……..they buy into whatever it tells them.

    A great example happened only recently. During the German takeover of the Euro zone, I got a call from one of those I describe above. I asked her what she thought of the German takeover…….she asked me if I saw the woman pull the flag down.

    I said I had not, to what flag was she referring? The Confederate battle flag the ignorant think is the Confederate flag…..some idiot climbed a pole and pulled one down. I told her that was rank obfuscation, one of the key components in well developed propaganda…….How was such idiotic behavior of journalistic worth? She shut up, and went on line to read about Greece and the German takeover.

    What I find disturbing is that people have to go on line and search to find any news…..When I go to rt dot com, I am not allowed to enter any of the shows, it is blocked by McAfee………..This is such BS, and nobody says a word………It is for my computer safety?

    I don’t like the repression of real news, and the continued onslaught on civil rights. But, the people of the new generation are oblivious to all of it. Their lives are on public display with their hand held devices, and the struggles of their forefathers for basic human rights are meaningless to them.

    Only those willing to speak up will be heard……Too many cowards and ignorant wastrels….From the refusal to confront problems like Fukushima and endeavor to find a solution down to facing the fact we have some very poor leadership……Nobody wants to do the work.

    What happened to us? Were we just too rich for too long? We used to attack challenges like Fukushima and work to find a solution. This constant denial of such implacable truth is shocking to me…..the truth always wins out in such a situation.

    Nobody knows or cares about GMO foods because it is not discussed on the TV…….One has to search for the truth, and it is painful and distressing. They would rather waste time watching fools climb flag poles……

    We are finished because all we ever stood for is dead. Our financial integrity, our republic and all our civil rights have been hijacked by a few greedy guts, and nobody (save a few like yourself) has the balls to speak out.

    Thanks for remaining focused on the truth……


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