This Has Never Happened To Gold Before: For The First Time Since Records Began, Hedge Funds Are Net Short Gold Futures

This Has Never Happened To Gold Before (ZeroHedge, July 24, 2015):

For the first time since records began, hedge funds are net short gold futures, according to CFTC data…


This is what happened the last time gold saw a ‘low’ net long position…


Is this why Gold is spiking this afternoon?



Charts: Bloomberg

2 thoughts on “This Has Never Happened To Gold Before: For The First Time Since Records Began, Hedge Funds Are Net Short Gold Futures”

  1. There is so much inexplicable manipulation of every market, from currencies to commodities, through derivatives, stocks, hedges, bonds and precious metals….every damned thing.

    Consumer demand has fallen through the floor yet we’re still being told the economies are recovering.

    They cannot recover, they’re all insolvent, but they can’t admit it, and we are being pushed to support continuous engineered war killing innocents, for a cause none of us can grasp….those who can see the reality that is.

    We’re obviously being softened up for a collapse of massive proportions. We have been in a record slump for at least 12 years now, have no hope of repaying debt, both National & personal.

    The Shemitah debt clearance in September will be more than just that, a global catastrophe is a foregone conclusion now to facilitate their escape and re-structuring for total enslavement.

  2. I have to agree with Stanley…………I don’t know if we are being softened up for a collapse, but I think there is one in our future regardless of our personal conditions…..soft or otherwise. What goes up must come down…..another implacable quality of reality or truth.

    They can lie until the cows come home, but it won’t change the truth. Truth, especially of the economic sort, will never be denied for long.
    200 million working age Americans alive today.
    93.6 million are suffering long term unemployment; showing true unemployment to be close to 50%, every bit as bad as in the depths of the Great Depression, and as horrible as conditions in Greece, Spain, Portugal……..
    The US economy has been gutted. Starting with that SOB, Richard Nixon, who took us off the gold standard, it has been a gradual, but consistent removal of wealth from the middle classes.
    Rule of History and Revolution: There can be no revolutions without a middle class because it involves people with a stake in the system before they will commit to fight for it……The drive against the middle class has been consistent and insidious.
    The quality of jobs available in the US continue to slide, poverty and hunger are on the upswing.
    In 2012, “Food insecurity” affected about 22% of the US population every month. Since then, prices of food have skyrocketed. In the last year, I did a comparison of food prices from 2012-2014. Beef went up 400%, Chicken 300%, Fresh fruit 300%, Fresh vegetables 200%,…….I can go on, but the inflation factor has taken off. I am certain the hunger factor has gone up, not down.
    The average rent in the small town of 50,000 where I live is over $1800.00 a month. Mortgage payments have tripled in the past 12 months….Today, millions of Americans have ARMs, adjustible rate mortgages, sold them by Greenspan who assured them they would save thousands that way. For years, the rates were 1-2%……it was easy living for those living above their means.

    Now, those same rates are at 7% and climbing, and nobody says a word.
    The cost of living has lowered the standard of living for millions…..The rent prices for those no longer able to own homes thanks to the last meltdown has put many into subsistence existence……..

    Need I talk about the falling value of the dollar? Not here, so I won’t.

    The US stock market continues to go up regardless of economic truths, falling consumption all over the globe………it is as rigged as is China’s. Like China’s, it might continue for a while, but when it falls, there will be nothing left to prevent it…….The greedy guts are running amok.

    If I feel for anyone in the US market, it is for the small guys who have quietly put a few dollars into the so-called winners like semiconductors, GE, Apple, ETC…….they are all tied in tightly with the Chinese government, and they are going to plummet in value.

    I was around when the China madness began, and paid close attention to the conditions given these greedy corporations by the Chinese government in exchange for 25 years of slave labor. They had to sign on with the Chinese government, give them all their trade secrets without let or hindrance. GE in its craven indifference to anything but profit, even gave them all their trade secrets, including power plants and nuclear based technology. Now, these bastards are tied into the Chinese economy and its government.

    In my opinion, it serves them right, but millions of investors will be hurt. It won’t be the greedy guts, they will get advanced warning, it will just be the little guys. Right now, they are planning a rosy retirement based on the size of their portfolios, forgetting how quickly they can shrink. I got hurt in 2001, so I have first hand experience of how big numbers can disappear overnight……………..But, that has all been forgotten, and the media insists we have been in a recovery since 2009.

    If that is true, why did they start leveraging our money 1000:1? And, when those funds ran out, they commenced to leverage the leveraged funds. Such behavior does not fit in an economic recovery, it is more of a CYA…….

    Stanley is correct, the only question is when……..


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