Has The Land War Begun: Turkish Tanks Are Firing Into Syria

Has The Land War Begun: Turkish Tanks Are Firing Into Syria (ZeroHedge, July 23, 2015):

Update, from the horse’s mouth: Turkey admits 4 tanks entered Syria to use something called a “retaliation right”:

After Monday’s tragic terrorist attack in the Turkish town of Suruc, just across from the Syrian border and kilometers away from ISIS-controlled Kobani, which left dozens dead in what authorities claim was due to an ISIS-linked 20 yhear old suicide bomber, hostilities have dramatically escalated in the past few days culminating with news that one Turkish soldier killed and one was wounded in border province of Kilis by gunfire from Syria, according to state-run Anadolu Agency reports.

According to the Guardian, “one Turkish solider has been killed and another wounded in clashes with Islamic State across the Syrian border, a senior Turkish official said. The clashes continued as the Turkish army returned fire on the militants in Syria. Earlier, a Turkish police officer was shot and killed and a second wounded in the mainly Kurdish city of Diyarbakir. Violence along Turkey’s 560-mile (900km) border with Syria has spiked in recent days, beginning with a suicide bombing blamed on Isis in the town of Suruç on Monday. The Diyarbakir shooting came a day after two police officers were killed in an attack in Ceylanpinar on the Syrian border claimed by militants from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)”

Bloomberg added that Turkish forces returned fire across the border, killing an Islamic State militant, and thatt clashes across border region continue, Anadolu says in story published at 5:08pm Istanbul time.

Then DHA reported moments ago, that Turkish Armed Forces have begun shooting into Syrian territory. From DHA, google translated:

Event today at 16:00 as the Turkish Armed Forces are massing his time occurred in the border line. Isidor’s control of the territory in Syria opened fire on the soldiers at a time. The soldiers also reciprocates by conflict.

Isidor first opened fire from the region, one non-commissioned officer killed, while four soldiers were wounded. The wounded soldiers were brought to Kilis State Hospital for treatment. Increased security measures at the border on the event.

And indeed, as the following clip from Turkey’s DHA news agency shows, one may wonder if NATO-member Turkey’s land invasion of Syria, which many have said was long overdue following months of rhetoric and belligerent posturing, under the pretext of ISIS “liberation”, has just begun.

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