Portugal’s Debts Are (Also) Unsustainable


Portugal’s Debts Are (Also) Unsustainable (Sinclair & Co., July 18, 2015):

Everyone seems to be focusing on Greece these days – a country so indebted that it needs even more loans to repay just a fraction of its gigantic credits. Clearly this is unsustainable and something has to give. Even the IMF agrees. But what about the other Southern European countries? Actually, Portugal’s financial situation is looking particularly shaky, and any hiccups could have serious cross-border repercussions from Madrid all the way to Berlin.

3 thoughts on “Portugal’s Debts Are (Also) Unsustainable”

  1. Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, France……..all have unsustainable debt.
    Evidently, in this new world order in which we now live, debt no longer matters. They trade it back and forth like an asset………………

    The world no longer makes sense to me.


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