Italy: Non-Performing Loans Hit A New Record High

Regional distribution of non-performing loans in Italy

Italy – Non-Performing Loans Hit A New Record High (Acting Man, July 15, 2015):

While all Eyes are on Greece, Italy’s Banks are Drowning in Bad Debt


1 thought on “Italy: Non-Performing Loans Hit A New Record High”

  1. Anyone who owes more than they earn has a problem.
    A nation is no different.
    All of these countries (including Germany) are mired in debt that exceeds GDP.
    I wonder how long they can really go???

    Uniting a group of poor indebted nations with the bait of more buying power with the return of currency control was bad enough. The fact the Euro nations (except the UK who knew better) bought into it reminds me a sucker is born every minute.

    If they cannot pay, why give them debt?
    Italy and Greece both have national treasures a few greedy guts want…….So that is why. As a global New World Order, there are a few greedy guts who want it all………………………………


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