Bolivia: At least 75,000 head of cattle may starve

Bolivia – At least 75,000 head of cattle may starve (Ice Age Now, July 11, 2015):

9 July 2015 – More than 120 communities in the Cordillera del Tunari hit by heavy snow.
At least 75,000 head of cattle in the municipalities of Cocapata, Morochata, Independence and Quillacollo are at risk and may starve in the coming weeks.

Much of the production of potato starch is lost.

The villagers try to save some of the meat of dead animals for their own consumption. They said that the snowfall reached 1.50 meters (almost 5 ft) high and covered grazing areas.

Communal mayor Cirilo Laura reported that in four days at least 500 llamas and alpacas died from lack of fodder.

Bolivia hit by cold and snow:

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