1 thought on “Mid-Summer Snow In California”

  1. Here in Northern CA, about 35 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, we are enjoying some much needed rain. Not a lot, not enough to be measurable, but enough to give some water the parched lawns, trees and plants……perhaps cut some fire danger down. It was like a blessing to me, I love rain, and it has been so long since we have had any.
    The last time I saw rain in July was on the 4th, in the year 1967. It was just a smattering, nothing like this. We have had intermittent showers since last evening, and it is just wonderful. I hope it continues, the clouds are still here and I don’t care if this makes it a freak year, we are desperate for rain.
    The trees and plants look as if it is already September, the trees are turning, humming birds have already left…….
    El Nino is setting up in the Pacific, 85% set according to the last report I heard, and I hope Winter comes early.


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